Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cooking Help

I jumped in the cupboard and checked out all of the stuff that mum has to use when she does food for herself. So many things in here.I especially like to get in this cupboard as it is deep and mum can't get inside to pull me out. She has to wait until I decide to come out. She isn't happy when I managed to slip in here.

Mum was making soup for Grampie today. Plus she has been working outside a lot. Monday Grampie came over and watched as she walked on the roof of the house. She used the big blowing thing to make the leaves get out of the gutters. Then she cleaned up all the leaves again. Today she pushed around the grass eating monster all over the yard. Then she put that away and got the snow eating monster working.

If you are supposed to rest on your vacation, that is certainly not happening.


  1. I can see that you are doing your best to help her though. Derby you are a fantastic cat.

  2. Silly beans! She should have been napping with you!
    Happy Thanksgiving Derby!

  3. Derby

    Mom lets me get into the cupboard. I just scratch on the door and she opens it up and I go in...I don't stay long however and it's easy to get me to come out..
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  4. I hope today is the last day of your Mum doing heavy work on her week off.

    Have a great Thanksgiving :-)

  5. We have a deep cupboard like that too Derby. Scout will jump in and not come out until he wants to, just like you.

  6. Wow, she is one active bean! I climb in the cabinets too and it annoys the LL. I don't hang out when she's cooking though, too many loud noises!!


  7. Hey, we want a deep cupboard too. We only have one cupboard here and it is PACKED! We do walk the open shelves and whack things off,thought.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  8. You have lots of room in your cupboards. That's what we can use.

  9. I know it seems strange to us, but smetimes humans like to spend their tme off from work cleaning and fixing stuff around the house.Weird, I know.

  10. was there anything yummy to eat in there?

  11. We get soup once in a while. The Big Thing makes it an gifs us some of the meaty water before he adds yucky veggie stuff to it.

  12. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Derbs!

  13. we always keep a kitty eye on the thingsunderthecupboardsthathold'beanfood
    if we didn't who would? ~The FLuffy Tribe

  14. Oh, I think there would be some great smells in that cupboard. Cupboards are great places to shed furs, too. Happy Thanksgiving, mate! Thanks for being a blogosphere buddy!

  15. I wanna help too! Happy Fanksgivin' Derby!

  16. Your Mom certainly has been busy! We saw the green casserole dishes in your cupboard. We have some with the same pattern!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  17. Oah~!

    You are a great helper~!!!!
    So glad that your mommy has such a great cat~!

    Happy Thanksgiving~!

  18. Wow ... You're a furry great helper an' much SMARTER than Charmee. He was tryin' to help Mom cook by sitting in the dryer on top of the warm towels. Duh.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your fambly! Eat as much (burp!) turkey as you can manage!
    DMM and the Feline Americans


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