Monday, November 19, 2007

ManCat Monday

Don't think that I'm silly for liking it, I just happen to like the simple little things, and I love cats! - Michelle Gardner
This lady has her priorities straight. We are simple and we are sweet. I hope that she is not implying that we cats are simple. If she is, time to leave a poop on the pillow.

I have lots of mum time this week, she is on vacation this week. So no getting up early for her.

This weekend mum went to a dinner and awards thing for her racing club. She wented away on Saturday afternoon and didn't come home until Sunday afternoon. But she had a nice time and forgot to take her flashy box with her so no pictures of the party. The biggest highlight of the stay was a HUGE, whirlpool bathtub in her hotel room. She loved it and said it would have made a great tub hockey rink for us.

Since this was the 60th anniversary year of the club, various people sponsered a free dinner. You got one entry in the draw for each event you worked. Well mum won, so she got her money refunded for the dinner.

Then she won a door prize, which amazingly I can use. Then she bought a few raffle tickets and won some power tools.

When she came home, she left the door open and I went into the garage to check out the stuff, plus some of the leaves that had blown inside. The big door was down, so no chance to get outside, outside.
I jumped into the trunk of the metal monster, this blue thing looks interesting.
But look at all of the stuff that mum had in the trunk. Wow, what a haul. She said lots of people were kidding her about her good luck. Must have been her weekend. She said the power tools are expense stuff, and she didn't have a cordless drill.
So mum isn't sure if this was supposed to be a pet bed or maybe a cushion for little people to sit on the floor. They had lots of these to give away and most of the people figured they were pet beds.
So I checked it out. Yes, it is comfy. I think this will do just fine. Thanks mum for thinking of me while you were out partying.
Mum has to figure out just where to put this. When she took the picture it was in the middle of the floor and she won't leave it there. I might get stepped on.
I got my sample of Feline Greenies in the mail on Saturday too. Yum.


  1. Hi Derby! Thank you so very much for all your encouragement as Ruckus and my Daddy haven't been feeling very well. Your support has been so helpful to Mom and me! We all appreciate it.

    I'm glad your Mom is home safely. It sounds like she had a good weekend. And she brought presents to you!

  2. Wow! What an amazing weekend. I think you got the benefit of your Mom's good luck!

    WTG. Enjoy your extra snuggle time.

  3. What a great bed! Our humans just went out to find us a new cat bed. They didn't have any luck. We aren't sure what is going on in Italy, but the pet store wanted 55 euros (that is over 60 bucks) for UGLY cat beds!

    Guess we will have to wait for our human to go back to America to get a nice looking cat bed at a normal price!

    Happy mancat Monday!
    Opus and Roscoe

  4. Your Mom made out like a bandit! It's great that her loot also included a bed for you! It looks very comfy :-D

  5. wow fun weekend for your mom!

    great bed too! you could haf a party on it!

    OOOO TUB HOCKEY!! we should haf a tournament this winter.

  6. Hooray for your mom! Being lucky is good. I think that is definitely a pet bed, too.

  7. Derby - your Mommy needed to buy a lottery ticket that day! What a great evening for her and you look quite handsome on the new bed (yes it is a bed!)

  8. Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! I love Feline Greenies! Looked like fun checking out the garage.

  9. Oooo ... nice prizes, especially the power tools (and good names too). And, the nice fleecy cat bed.

    Have a good week of snuggles!

  10. Holy moly, what a haul!! Your mum had quite a bit of luck!

    My mom actually owns a grinder--she got it for the cement floors (she probably should have rented one instead). Anyway, don't let your mum use it--it is louder than my sister, if you can believe it!

    Neat new bed and treats, too--sounds like you both had a fun weekend!

  11. Oh we like your new kitty bed. And we have the same picture Derby - A Starry Night. Ours in above our beans bed. Its one of our Mommy's favorites!

  12. What a lucky weekend your Mom had! You too for getting that totally spiffy bed. I bet it's nice and warm!

  13. Sounds like a big day for yoo wif a lot of 'acitement an lots of reely good fings for bouf of yoo. Hey - yoo look like yur an art man-cat too wif all dose nice prints behind yoo. Hoo new?

  14. Congrats to your mom on her good fortune! (And to you for yours!)

    Enjoy your week with your mum!

  15. I want to get up on that thing too!

  16. I give the Spice Cats greenies too. But they don't like to sleep on the bed I bought for them :(

  17. Oah, Derby,

    I love seeing you in that comfy bed, that is a great spot for napping~!!!!
    And, I have that green cookies as well, I think that is very delicious~!!!!

    Your photos are so great as always~!!!


  18. Wow! Your Mum won quite a bit!

    I love your new bed and I think right in the middle of the floor is the purrfect place for it! All the beans will just have to step around you!

  19. Wow, what a lot of loot. Nice looking comfy cat bed. Oh, I was visiting with Beau today and he isn't feeling too good. Thinking if we all could visit over there and let him know that he is in our thoughts and prayers this might make him feel better. Thought you would want to know.

  20. Hey,

    What wonderful loot your mom brought home. But all she brought you was a bed? Good thing it's a nice bed!

    When you decide where YOU want the bed, why not use her new power drill to anchor it so Mom can't move it to where SHE wants it?

    Jan made us cat-sized beds using our Gizzy quilts, so we're comfy too.

    Jan's Funny Farm felines

  21. Wow, how lucky is that! Your Mum won a new bed for you.

  22. Oooooo...we love Greenies!
    You are very cute. We love orange and white big boys in this house.
    Mosaic Lady says we NEED one.
    I don't think so.

  23. What a wonderful weekend - and free greenies too! Wow!

    Enjoy your extra cuddle time!

  24. Wow! Your beanmom is super lucky and you made out like a bandit with your new bed. I love all the pictures, especially the lovely man cat picture!


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