Friday, November 9, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Property may be marked to insure that other cats do not trespass on your space. Mark copiously beginning in the southwest corner and continuing clockwise until finished. The wise cat does not mark the dog, however, even if it is outside.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Guys this is the end of the Fang Shui Fridays. I have reached the end of the book and there is no more wisdom from Catfucious to share. I haven't found any other writings by this great and wonderful cat to share with you. ::sigh::

But this has been a great journey for all of us since I started posting from this book. I did my first Fang Shui Friday post on November 24, 2006. So we have had nearly a years wise advise from this wonderful kittie.

So feel free to go back and look at the Friday posts if you need a refresher on your Fang Shui. All of us kitties need to keep our ch'i in balance.

Mum is looking a a different book that we might use. So we will evaluate that and see if it works


Our dear furend
MontyQ is lost. We went on that long road trip and everyone got home safely. Now Monty is missing from his home. We need every one in the blogosphere purring and purraying that Monty comes home safely. His beans are worried and his mom bean does not need to be worried since she has a baby bean coming. COME HOME MONTY!!!!!



  1. we loved Fang Shui Fridays! we will miss them. you will haf to come up wif another theme for Fridays!

    we is werried sick about Monty.

  2. I will be sorry to see the end of Fang Shui Friday.

    I was horrified when I saw that on Monty's blog earlier. My human is still reeling from when Gemini was missing. It is horrible. I hope he is found SOON.

  3. We will surely miss Fang Shui Friday. Such truths have never been spoken afore.


  4. You could start your own book and call it "The Tao of Derby."


    Skittles, The Huntress

  5. Words of wisdom, indeed.

    I must go check out Monty's blog now :(. I'm worried.

  6. We have really really enjoyed these Fridays with you. Thanks for sharing, it has been most enlightening!


  7. Oh NO! No more Fang Shui Friday? Rats.

    I sure hope Monty comes home soon. I am very worried about him.

  8. I regularly rub on things in my home to mark them!

    I am purraying for MontyQ to come home!

  9. We will miss Fang Shui Friday. I hope you find another good book especially by Catfucious.

    We are purring and praying hard for Monty Q's quick and safe return. It worked for Gemini so we all need to concentrate and bring him home!!!

  10. Oh, we're bummed about no more Fang Shui Fridays. :( We're also really worried about Monty, too. We're purring and purraying for him to come home.

  11. Thank goodness Monty came home safely! I wonder where he was?

    I am sad there is no more Fang Shui friday, I really enjoyed it while it lasted though.

  12. Catfucious was very smart, but you're smart enough to come up with a new theme for Friday - we have faith!

  13. Oh no! We're SO going to miss the Catfucious wisdom! We hope you find another wonderful book to share with us.

    Luf, Us

  14. It is not good when one is missing, I do hope that we have a happy ending to this sad news. Maybe we can take our minds off of things at Opus & Roscoe's party tomorrow, it is a Mafia movie party, check things out and stop by if just for a little while. Hope you make it. Would like to see you.

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  16. Your Mum must love you very much. If one of my cats marked their territory on the kitchen counter they'd be in BIG trouble :-p


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