Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Mayhem

Well, we had excitement here this morning. It started out quietly, mum got me breakfast, ate her breakfast and readed the paper. Then she went to get dressed. She sat down on the end of her bed and looked out the window into the crabby apple tree. There staring back at her was Mr Hawk! Can you see him sitting on the branch above the ginger cat? You can biggify any of these pictures if you need to!
Mum expected him to fly away real quick, but he didn't. She had time to go get her flashy box thing and takes lots of pictures.
He stay around long enough for mum to finish getting dressed and even to go into the other room to take pictures. He must have been keeping his other foot warm, but look at those talons of his! We kitties don't have any claws that long and big to fight with.
But then a cheeky little squirrel jumped up and ran up the tree and scared Mr Hawk away. I would have figured that Mr Hawk would have attacked the squirrel and had a snack! You can see Mr Hawk flying away and Mr Squirrel who is a bit out of focus, but above and to the right of where the hawk's tail is.
Mr Squirrel then proceeds to attack mum's birdie feeder! He kept working at it until he got it open!
Then jumped back into the tree. See the top flap of the feeder is hanging open to the left side of the feeder.
Then back down to stuff his face. So mum figured she would go out and scare Mr Squirrel away, but when she went to go out the back door, she saw Mr Hawk had just moved to a new tree.
He was sitting in the little maple tree right off of the patio! Waiting for a mousie or something else to eat I am sure. He sat here for a while, and then ....
Mr Squirrel ran over to that tree and Mr Hawk totally flew away! But mum took over 100 pictures of the hawk and squirrel. So we had lots to watch outside our windows this morning. Mum finally got pictures of Mr Hawk, just hanging around. She is furry happy about that.
Then she finally got to doing the rest of her morning working stuff. Cleaning, paying bills etc. So she opened the little room and there is this one last plant that mum still has and it is now blooming. Well, you know me, I need to check this out.
First from below.
Then from above.
Then jump up for a really close look.
Yes mum I do want to chew on this plant!
OK, I will just smell the flowers.
Then mum picked me up and we left the room. The door is now closed and I can't get at the flowers anymore.

Hope the rest of you have an exciting weekend too! Or not!


  1. Hey, Derby,

    We're glad you were inside when the hawk was outside or you might have been his late Thanksgiving dinner.

    Your mom took some great pictures.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  2. Whoa! Hawk and squirrel, and even a plant to chew on. That's a fun caturday for sure! Too bad your Mom locked you out of the room where the plant is. I'm sure you can find something to get into though. We cats are creative that way.
    Fanks for joining WCB this weekend. The roundup will be up tomorrow morning.
    And you're right, I didn't know I was going to land on a candle. Mom should have put up a warning sign or something.
    your bud Pepi

  3. Wow! Very nice pictures of that nice, plump, juicy looking hawk!
    Is that a christmas cactus? Pretty flowers!

  4. What an amazing thing to have that hawk so close by. How impressive. I'm surprised that the squirrel wasn't scared by him.

  5. We're wondering if maybe ya should be more worried about Mr Squirrel than Mr Hawk! ;)

  6. Wow, you've had an active day so far! Those hawk picture are cool ... and the plant looks tasty!

    Thanks for saying I don't have a funny face. :)

  7. wow derby! how 'aciting!!! i would LOVE to smell one of those hawk fev-vers - they look really cool!

  8. Wowie, what kool pickthures! And the hawk is furry neat lookin efun if he is kinda skeery, too!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  9. Wow! A squirrel who hunts hawks! Too cool!


    Skittles, The Huntress

  10. What an exciting day you had, Derby!
    Great pictures!!

    ~ Miss Emily

  11. That was a vewy happening day!

  12. Great photos that's one lucky squirrel.

  13. Wow ! A hawk ! I think I have only see some in a zoo ! Your mum was very lucky she had her camera and could take such nice pictures !
    Mr. Arthur also loves plants and when he was baby he even wanted to use the pot as his private toilet ! I had to shoot with the waterpistol and he was wondering where the water came from. Then he quickly stopped with this bad habit !

  14. Wow! That hawk is very interesting and a little bit scairty. You have some fun things to look at in your back yard.

  15. Wowie! Mom's seen them hawks around sumtimes, but only once in our backyard. Amazin that the squirrel ascared it away. I bet Birdchick could identify that hawk! Yur Mom was lucky to get such good pictors.

    Sadly, mine mom killed the Christmas Cactus. She couldn't get the waterin right an I guess it dried up. Good think me an Bonnie haf a fountain.

  16. Oh that was so exciting! I wanted to jump into the pictures! None of the animals are out at our mountain house right now, although we did see a hawk flying high above us!

    The alien was the green metal shiny thing in the third picture. Mom said it was just a squished soda can, but I knew better!

    Was that frozen water I saw in one of your pictures! We don't have any of that at our mountain house yet.


  17. What a handsome hawk! I rather like his yellow feet, too.

    Your pretty Christmas cactus is a closet Thanksgiving cactus! Hope it stays in bloom for another month!

  18. Nice pictures :-) That must have made for a very exciting day. I know it would here :-)

  19. That was a fun Saturday for sure. Mr. Hawk looks like he could give a kitty a run for their money!

  20. Derby, those are some excellent pictures! Hawks are so cool... it's biding its time until the squirrel gets careless, and *then* it's suppertime! (As a predator myself, I can appreciate that)

    I was outside with my humans one day and our own Mr. Cooper got a dove right after it flew by us. I like birds, but I steer clear of birds that size.

  21. Great pictures of the hawk and squirrel and of Derby checking out the blooming Christmas cactus.

    Luf, Us

  22. Wow, talk about having an exciting day!

    And that Christmas cactus looks lovely, I have one myself and it blooms when you least expect it too. Must have something to do with the fact that I'm such a lousy flowerkeeper and forget to water them all the time...:)


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