Friday, November 30, 2007

Funky Fang Shui Friday

Select hiding places that cannot be exploited by the enemy. Either feline or flashy box.
Mum got to meet The Crew's mom last night. They took a class on Photoshop through a local school. Maybe mum can learn how to do fancy pictures like Zoolarty. Even if they are half that good, she will be doing good.
So when she got home she tried to do a few things that she learned. The above is the original picture
Then she made two of me and flipped me around. I could be boxing with myself.
Then she moved me around and put in a different background. So it will be interesting to see what she comes up with when she has more time. Plus if she isn't watching the Packers getting beaten. Mum missed a lot of the game since she was at the class, she said that was OK, it is just a game, but they did make it close towards the end. Plus people gotted hurt.

I got my Secret Paw assignment. I am working and thinking of what I can send my furiend. It could be you!

We are supposed to get a storm with white stuff this weekend. I hope that mum has a big supply with treats in the house. Don't want to run out!

Plus have you noticed anything different about me lately??? Any guesses?


  1. Hahahaha~!
    For the photoshop works, that is very interesting and funny!!! I love the affect feeling~!!!!

    That is very very good and appear the sassy feeling:)

    Have a great Friday to you, Derby~!

  2. We love the Photoshop stuff but we don't get to use it all that often anymore as our "good" pictures are on the Mac and Photoshop is on the work computer. I think your mom learned a lot of stuff already!!


  3. Momma is super jealous! She wants to take a photoshop class, too.

    We noticed that you were wearing a collar in Wednesday's post, but you're back to being naked today. Is that it?

  4. Have you lost some weight? Is that it?

  5. The photoshop class looks like a wonderful class. Do you have elements or the whole photoshop?

  6. cool! your mom is doing well wif her lesson!

  7. Did you lose your collar??? Maggie is a master at this.

    We are all so excited about Secret Paws!!

    It looks like your mom is really learning some neato stuff at her class. My mom is thinking about taking a photoshop class also.

    Stay warm!
    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  8. Photoshop is fun, once you figure it out! We just have Photoshop Elements 5.0, but it still took my Mommie a long time to figure out how to use it.

  9. Your Mom did a very good job! You do look like your boxing with yourself :-) Photoshop is fun to play with.

  10. Photoshop is so much fun, my Mum is always playing with it.

    Do you have a new collar? I think your collar used to be blue and now it is red, is that it?

  11. I don't see a collar . . . is that the difference?

    I think your mom is doing great with the photoshopping! I can't wait to see what other great pictures she will do with you.

  12. Derby there seem to be more of you - did you find a long lost twin?! Looks like you mum is having fun with Photoshop!

  13. You look like you're dancin', Derby!

    "Cat? I'm a kitty cat! An' I dance, dance, dance ..." ...

  14. Hey, neat photos. Just think, if you actually had a twin.... Oh, what mischief you could wreak on her.

    Jan's Funny Farm residents

  15. I noticed you are more handsome than efurr!!


  16. Those pictures of you are cute, Derby!

    Stay warm, 'kay?

  17. No collar? Weight loss? What is it Derby???

  18. Good jobbie on yur Mom's Photoshop class werk. Owr Mom is just finishing her photoshop class too! She made da header for owr bloggie. Now she will put all da tekneeks togethur to make a nice one like Adan has.
    Hey do yoo finks yur cabinet to hang owt in would fit da whole Packers team? Dat would be fun! Hee hee.
    Hey where'd yur collar go or did Mom erase if wif Photoshop?

  19. You've lost your collar.

    That is wonderful what your Mum has done with Photoshop already! And that's cool that she has met Crew's Views Mom.

    Luf, Us

  20. we gots cold and wind and rain/ice here Derby.

    Did you lose your collar under the blankets?

  21. That's furry good seeing two of yoo. We're not sure about yer coller cuz sumtimes yoo haf it on and sumtimes yoo don't. We fink yer looking slimmer, yoo don't look like yoo got so much tummy lately. Is that the diffrunts?

  22. I bet your Mum is gonna have fun with that Photoshop stuff!

    Is your collar missing? Is that what is different about you!


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