Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy Cardinal and other things

This crazy bird lives over by Grampie, not at my house. So I don't have to deal with him at all. He just drives Grampie crazy.
So if Grampie opened his windows the angle would be different so not likely to fly inside. But this bird or at least another Cardinal did this last spring too!
Grampie did put out some paper towels and taped them to the windows and it hasn't stopped this guy. Mr Hendrix suggested some really shiny ribbon, so mum may get some to have Grampie try.

It was still really warm here the past few days. Mum has been nice to open the window a little bit when she comes home. So here is what stuff looked like tonight. Except where the snow got piled up by clearing the snow it is gone. Plus mum says the falls are not frozen anymore, but she didn't stop to take pictures.

Mum left me alone last Saturday night. She went out to party with her racy friends. They had their award things and food at this auto museum. They had the run of the place to look at stuff and take pictures.
They had a big toy train thing but it didn't run very often. Plus they had a really big, real steam locomotive that they are restoring.
Mum had to make this lighter so you could see the locomotive, a big, black thing in a big, dark room.

Here are some of the older cars.
The green car is a Tucker, they made a movie about this a few years ago.
Oh yeah, they gave out a few awards, mum came home with one! Guess she must do something right when she leaves me alone on the weekends!
She says they have such a small group that they rotate the 'grid worker of the year' so each of them get it once, before they start over again. You show up, at some point you will get this!


  1. Congrats to your mum for the award! Looks like she has some fun without you, although I just don't know how.

    That silly birdie! He doesn't seem very bright, the poor thing. Maybe some foil strips on a string might keep him from doing that--the breeze would make the foil make just enough noise to scare him off.

  2. What cool trains and cars. That cardinal is craaaazy.

  3. Congratulations to your Mom for the Award.. it wasn't like red for cardinals was it?

  4. Oh look it the Tucker car, that is so cool. Mom loves old trains, real and model trains. We have the Ivyland-Newhope train that runs a very old steam engine train near us and Mommy loves taking rides on it. Have you figured out what that cardinal is trying to do?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  5. We hope that the shiney ribbons help keep the bird away from your grampie's window. We are also glad that the snow is mostly gone. It looks very cold.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  6. Congratulations to your Mom on her award. It looks very spiffy. I am glad that your weather has warmed up and the snow is mostly gone and you get more fresh air. That cardinal is completely nuts. I hope that your Grampy finds a way to make it stop before it does itself an injury.

  7. Concats to your mum for her award. Our mum likes steam trains too. If they see any when they are on holiday, she has to go on it if she can. We have one that runs near us.
    That fev-ver is totally nuts!

  8. Crazy bird!!!!
    The shiny ribbon might help, or some spare cd disks hanging there.
    Our yard looks almost like yours! Even the mounds from shoveling at the base of the driveway. At one point this winter they were so high mom had trouble tossing the snow up there.

  9. Wow, look at all those things that move. Cool.

    Thank you for entering our Name the Wabbit competition. We made £29 for the Hillside Animal Sanctuary the the winning name was Hopkins entered by Sunny's Mommy.


  10. Concatuwations to your Mom for the award! Those cars and twains wooks fun! Mine Mummy woves them! What in the world was that birdie doing?



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