Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally Friday - What's In A Name

Now we all have our names, some of us have had more than one name. I was originally named Benny, or at least that was my name at the shelter. Mum renamed me Derby, since I was adopted on Derby Day. When I was at the vet the other day the tech who was helping said she used to have a kittie named Derby! Plus he had a sisfur name Daisy!

Skeezix has an interesting name. Did you know there was a cartoon character of the same name? Yup, there was and it was in the cartoon, Gasoline Alley.

Do you have an interesting story about your name?

Mum says we will have a regular weekend this weekend. Just the normal stuff, she has to get her head fur trimmed. A little shopping for foods, plus the cleaning stuff and laundry. Otherwise we can snuggle, watch birdies and such.
Maybe even a nap or two! Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Derby--
    I hope you have a great weekend "watching birdies and such."

    Every time I see that little picture of you in the "About Me" totally cracks me up. It must be the expression on your face.

    Mr. Black

  2. Alla us Ballicai have bunches of names. We have our "real" names but then we've got bunches of nickynames! My name comes from when I showed up in Momma and Daddy's back yard and Momma looked at me and said, "Who are you?" and I answered her, "MAO!"

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  3. My full name is Georgia Fatpants Ling Long Pagoda Hodgins. And I get called my full name quite often! I have by far the most ridiculous name in our house.

    Ling Long Pagoda because mom spent so much time over the summer while the olympics were on with me while I was recovering. She just started calling me that. And Hodgins after the character in the show Bones.

    Mom says my first "family" called me Aiyeesha. I don't like that name though. I needed a new name for my new life.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    - Georgia

  4. My brother, Ambrose, was first named Amber when he was a tiny feral kitten and no one could get close enough to him to tell if he was a boycat or a girlcat. Once he became tame, Mommy discovered he was a boycat, and picked a boy name similar to Amber

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend. We kept our shelter names, they seem to fit well.

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  7. Wow Derby we have missed a lot. First Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom. That Cornish thingy looked yummy glad your Mommy shared. Next we hopes your furs grows back, but are glad there is nothing seriously wrong.

    Now for names Socks' name is rather boring..........(snooze)

    But the rest of us are kinda interesting.
    Scylla & Charybdis are monsters in Greek mythology.

    In Norse Mythology Fenris is the eldest son of Loki who takes the form of a wolf.

    ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  8. We love hearing how you got your name. My sister Ginger posted today about her name...and of course mom and dad are in the process of naming our Mr. B. With all of us kitties, most of us get called by our names, but Madison and I seem to have the most nicknames, so we don't get called by our names hardly ever.

    xoxo Cory

  9. We both haf Disney names. (Alla Momma's pets had disney names, starting wif Tinkerbell).

    Meeko was the racoon frum Pocahantas.

    Kiara is Simba's daughter in the Lion King.

    Haf a grate weekend!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  10. Dear Derby,
    Daddy says I got the name Parker because when I stopped being feral I "parked" my butt on his back porch and never left again!

  11. My Grandma had a poodle named Benny!

    Harley's middle name is Quinn because his pattern is sort of like a harlequin.

  12. Derby, we love how you got your name!!

  13. What is Derby day?

    Cloud got her name because she got nervous and made stinky "clouds" in the house when she first met the beans. And another funny thing is when Mom booked her first vet appt, they misheard her name over the phone and wrote CLOWN.
    My name is Niko cuz she wanted to pick out a nice European-sounding name for me, and she got to name me whatever she wanted if Dad got to name my sisfur Cloud.

  14. Yoo haf the purrfect name for yoo, Derby! When Mommy is lookin for a noo kitty, she finds a name then looks for the kitty it belongs too. A'course, most of the time kitties just show up here wif their own names already and Mom just hasta find it out. Haf a really good weekend yall!
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  15. Your name suits you very well, Derby. I don't have any interesting stories about how I named the kitties I lived with. I just picked names that seemed to go with the kitty.

  16. Sounds like a great kick-back kinda weekend!

    P.S. - re: da chick-hen stuff . . . we are not allowed on da counters. So, when da beans are watchin', we pretend like we obey da rules. When they are out of sight, we TOTALLY git on da counters. You should see how fast we git down, when they come back in da room! We will have to train da blurp to be a look out.

  17. We came from out old house with our names. We guess the boy was a cartoon lover and thats how we got Scooby & Shaggy. Everyone we get introduced to thinks its neat we are brothers with those names.
    Scout - you remember when we got him - is named for Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird. A favorite movie of moms...even though he is a boy and Scout in the movie was a girl. But its a name that name works both ways.

  18. I like your name. And your fur too. Tommy, my humangirl, says she needed to be able to tell me and my brother apart when were born. I was the darker one (and more handsome) so Tommy called me Noir-says it's French for dark/black. My brother is Earl Gray--because, well, he's gray. I like your blog.

    Noir in Texas

  19. I just wrote about my name a few days ago! If you look at Ask Huffle on 19 Feb, you will see how I got my name too.

    Huffle Mawson

  20. Me, Laila, was named Gypsey at the shelter because I was a little tiny feral kitten. Then Mom renamed me Laila Ali after the former boxer and Mohammed Ali daughter. I was good at boxing with my toys and at the time Laila Ali had just finished on Dancing With the Stars and se was Mom's favorite.

    Minchie Meow has always had that name. Mom didn't want to change it when she adopted him. It really suits him.

  21. Hi derby...two of us have interesting names. Since Mom works in the motion picture industry, she named Kodak after the film she uses on a daily basis and 3 perf she named after her Panavision camera that she was working on while shooting the tv show V.I.P. It was a 3 perf camera-which means it pulls downs 3 perf of film per revolution (4 perf is normal) 3 perf is used primarily in Tv. As for me, just thought I looked like a flower!!!

    Kodak, 3 perf and Blossom

  22. We didn't know this about your name - it's interesting.Alfie's name was Freddie at the shelter. Mom did'nt know that until after she's named him Alfie (short for Alfred - which is sometimes shortened to Freddy or Freddie)So we suspect he was meant to be Alfie.


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