Monday, February 23, 2009

ManCat Monday

When God made the world, He chose to put animals in it, and decided to give each whatever it wanted. All the animals formed a long line before His throne, and the cat quietly went to the end of the line. To the elephant and the bear He gave strength, to the rabbit and the deer, swiftness; to the owl, the ability to see at night, to the birds and the butterflies, great beauty; to the fox, cunning; to the monkey, intelligence; to the dog, loyalty; to the lion, courage; to the otter, playfulness. And all these were things the animals begged of God. At last he came to the end of the line, and there sat the little cat, waiting patiently. What will YOU have? God asked the cat. Then I'll have a little of everything, please. And God gave a great shout of laughter at the cleverness of this small animal, and gave the cat everything she asked for, adding grace and elegance and, only for her, a gentle purr that would always attract humans and assure her a warm and comfortable home.
Mum has an update on Uncle Stormie, he came home from the hospital on Thursday and will be OK. He needs to rest up some yet but should be back at work this week.

We got lots of white stuff over the weekend. The nice thing mum says is that it isn't such a hassle on the weekend. Mum did have to go out and drive in it to get her head furs trimmed off, but that isn't far away. So not a big deal to drive the short distance and even clearing the snow when she felt like it, not being in a rush that you have to get to work.

Please purr for Fiona, my little NOMSS buddy. She hasn't been feeling well.
The snow brought lots of birdies to the feeders so we had lots to watch out the windows. Including Mr Hawk who swooped through looking for a snack. Mum got a picture as he sat in the neighbors tree after he missed catching one of the little birds.


  1. I like that story very much. I am purring for Fiona too.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. I love your story. If you had to get more snow, it's best on the weekend. I must go by and wish Fiona well.

  3. That story shows that cats have always been the most clever of the animals.
    We are purring fo Fiona too.

  4. We will be purring for Fiona, she is a cute little bunny. Mommy had a bunny when she was little and she says they are very good friends.

    Glad Stormie is on the mend.

    We liked the story very much.~S,S,C & F

  5. I hope that your Uncle continues to improve and quickly!

    We've been purring for Fi and it looks like she is getting better--begging for her blueberry

  6. You always have the best quotes/stories. Looks like you had a comfy cozy weekend.

  7. That is a great story about the kitty. We are glad to hear that your uncle Stormie is okay. We have been purring for Fiona.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  8. Grate story and so troo. We's purrin for Fi too and glad she's startin to feel better.
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  9. Thank you for the story about God & the cat. Excellent, and quite true!


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