Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Fur-less Spots

Above is a picture of my tummy with all of the furs in place from last year. I don't often let mum get pictures of my tummy.
These two are of my front leg where you can see from head on that I have less furs on one side and the other side is fully furred.
Mum managed to get a picture of my tummy the other night after we got home from the vet, just the back part that is no longer fully furred. When mum was looking back on my pictures when she did happen to get a picture of my tummy, it has been furred less than normal for the past 6 months. But only the leg part with no furs has just showed up in the past few weeks. That is why she took me to the vet since I had more spots that were getting furless.

But otherwise I am fine. My normal self, eating, playing etc. So mum figures unless I really start to get bald, then mum will worry.

The weather guessers were wrong, big time. They said 4-8 inches of snow, then snow and rain mixed 4-6 inches, then down to 3-5. We maybe got a dusting. I could do better than they do.

Mum says thank you for the concatulations and good wishes for her purrthday.


  1. We's glad that you are ok. Maybe it's just a winter fing??

    Owr weather guys were way off today too. They sed "bad storms, strong winds, large hail" barely efen rained!! AND...they grounded all the whirlybirds, so Daddy couldn't fly today.

  2. Hi Derby--
    That top photo of you is pretty funny!

    I hope your furrs come back soon.

  3. Derby, my old bro Eddie was self-balding, too. I think he was stressed, though, with the addition of Olivia and Caroline. What's going on with you?

  4. I really like that first picture of you, fully furred. I hope that your bald patches grow back in and you stop de-furring yourself. Don't complain because the weatherman goofed in his prediction of more snow. Haven't you had enough?

  5. We're so glad to hear you're ok! You should let them take pictures of your tummy more's very cute!

  6. I am glad it's only a little missing fur. I have some missing fur too... but the Woman says it's my weight... sigh.

    At any rate I am glad you didn't get so much snow!!!

  7. Your belly looks just like Jasmine & Maestro's bellies. They've been that way for many years and the best guess is either stress or food allery. It seems more stress related especially for Jasmine.


  8. Don't go grooming all your furrs off, Derby!

    I have got behind in visiting you. Wow, you really did sound furrocious at the v-e-ts, was the v-e-t scared???

    I can't even remember if I came and wished your mum a happy purrthday, which is terrible. Happy happy belated purrthday to her, just in case I didn't!

    And the chicken pictures made my mouth water!

  9. We are glad it isnt somethin serious! Mebbe ya are just lickin yer furs smooth too hard, ya know?

  10. Hope your furs come back. I have a bald spot on each of my back legs. It just makes us unique!


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