Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, The Indignity of it All

Mum had a nice purrthday, the bestest thing for her was that she didn't have to get up and go to work. She did lots of little things, some shopping and had lunch with a furiend.

Then she came home, read a book for a little bit, then the carrier came out and off she took me and yes we ended up at the vet. Now why did she take me to the vet, because I have some areas that I have losted my furs. The area of my belly doesn't have much fur and mum noticed last week that parts of my left front leg was a bit bare too.
Here I am still inside the PTU once we got inside the exam room. Then mum got me out and the tech weighed me and I haven't gained anything. Then they let me roam around.
So I was sniffing around and checking all of the other scents and whatever was in this cabinet made me hiss really loud a few times.
Then I settled down under the chair by the PTU figuring that I might be safe for a little bit. But then the VET came in and they put me up on the table to have them look at me. Other than my spots that aren't fully furred I am fine. My fur loss is not from little bugs or an infection, but could be stress, over grooming or allergies.
Then when they were done, I could jump back down while they talked about what to do. Mum decided to just watch to see if it gets worse, then she will ask for medicine for my coat. She is hoping that it might be a winter thing and that as it gets nicer my furs will grow back in.

Do you want to hear how happy I was to be at the VET? Just listen and sorry for all of the background noise from the hallway.

Get a Voki now!

But when mum came home she made herself a nice purrthday dinner. It was all wrapped up in plastic and said something about a Cornish Rock. I don't think it looks like a rock but a little chick-hen.
All buttered up and into the hot as hell box.
All done, nice and toasty looking.
Mum was nice and pull some meat off for me right away and pulled it apart that it would cool for me to eat.
Almost all gone, got any more you can share with me? While it doesn't make up for being taken to the VET at least she shared her purrthday dinner with me.


  1. Wow. Your mom is nice. She shared her birthday dinner with you. Of course, she took you to the vet, so she owed you something nice. :)

  2. Wow you got Rock Hen!!!
    That's some dee-licious stuff!
    Please say Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom from me!
    I listened to you hiss and growl - I would never mess with you!
    haha - the W.V. was fleasif!

  3. My bruddy, Happy-Go-Lucky (AKA Happy-Go-Licky), gets over zealous with the bathin' during the summer and licks most of the furs off his entire underside; then lets them grow out during the winter when it gets colder.

  4. Derby you do not sound happy to be at the vet. I hope your person had a better birthday than you did on her birthday!

  5. That sounded a little bit angry. And you even got to roam around. I so want to roam when at the vets, but they wont let me. And I never gets chicken.

    Humans: Ehm, Cliff, that's not entirely true...

    C: Well, almost never!


  6. Whoa! Derby, was that you GROWLING?!? That's cool!

  7. Derby, please wish your Mom a belated Happy Birthday for us ... we are so sorry we missed it yesterday! And we are sending mega purrs for Uncle Stormie too, a collapsed lung sounds pretty serious :( We hope he gets better really, really soon!
    We hope your furs grow back quickly too Derby, and are glad that you aren't losing them due to anything serious and wow, you did have some serious hissing and growling going on! We don't blame you one bit ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  8. At least they didn't torture you too much, that's a good thing. Plus, that looks like a rather tasty treat!


  9. We are glad your fur problem doesn't sound too serious.
    Those were some serious hisses & growls from your Derbs! There is usually a big woofie barking somewhere in the building when we go to the vet.
    Happy Birthday again to your mum, our mom's was on the 4th. She didn't get or do anything special though. Something about a lack of green papers.

  10. Happy Birthday to your mom - late, sorry.
    Your growling made all of us wake up and look around, then mom laughed at us!
    So very glad your fur loss is not too serious, tell your mom if she gave you Rock Hen all the time, you wouldn't have time to think about licking your furrs.

  11. Those were good warning growls--letting any potential troublemakers that you were ready for them!

    If this over-grooming is a recent thing, is there something new in your environment? Maybe different food, litter, blanket (even laundry detergent used to wash blanket?)
    Sometimes the V-E-T has the Science Diet allergy food they can try. But, since you were there at the V-E-T, maybe you already know that.

    Good luck Derby!

  12. Wow, Derby...you don't sound happy at all! But at least you got some bird when you got home to make up for all you went through!

  13. wow you're not happy! but at least you gotted purrfday dinner!

  14. Sorry that you had to go to the vet, Derby.

    However, it seem you and your mum had a nice dinner to celebrate her birthday.

  15. Happy Birthday to your Mum! That was very nice of her to share her birthday Rock-Hen with you! It looks delicious! Much better than having to go to the v-e-t!

    A while ago I had to go to the v-e-t with the fur off of my belly too. My v-e-t thought it might be stress. I don't know if it was but it has mostly grown back now.

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  16. Wowww...I have to say,
    that chicken is making me drool~!!!!!!
    Your mommy is so lovely and great!

  17. Happy belated birthday to your mum! How nice that she shared her dinner with you--remember to do that when it's your birthday!

  18. You do not sound at all happy to be at the vet's, Derby. I hope that your furs grow back soon and that it's nothing much causing it. At least you got to share your Mom's birthday dinner. It looks delicious.

  19. Ooh it looks like your Mommy is good at cooking baby chickens! :) I'm glad she is as as an Auntie to the kittens she is sure to need this skill... ;) In fact if my brother Ramses sniffs out the chicken she'll need the skill BIG time, as he is chicken dependant! ;)

    Oh and Derby dear do stop the over grooming or you might wind up with onesies to wear like Tigmut'hep has for when he gets into a grooming fit! He now has a few little furs on his belly and is a little less obsessive with his grooming, but Mummy and the Vet think it's a bit like kitty OCD as if he can't get to his furs he rips at his vet bed...


  20. You didn't sound very happy at all Derby, but at least you got chick-hen as a peace offering. We are glad your mum had a nice purrfday.

  21. Oh we're glad your Mommy hadda happy purrthday. (Happy a'lated purrthday MomJanet!) And way cool yoo got sum tasty bird. Bummer bout the v-e-t tho. You didn't sound too happy bout that. Your Mommy needs to find somefin else to do for her purrthday next yeer.
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  22. You are some lucky to get a roasted bird like that!! Only in my dreams!!

    Hope your fur comes in OK. Shade lost some when Banshee came but it is growing back now.

    Happy belated birthday to your mom!!

    Purrs Goldie

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  24. Awww, your mom is very sweet and generous to share her birthday bounty with you, and to take you to the vet to make sure you are OK. We hope she had a great birthday! Did that little hen taste just like chicken? Did the vet say you are OK??? You sure did NOT sound happy there! :(

  25. A belated Happy Birthday to your mom. Um, what a thing to do though - take you to the vet to celebrate her birthday.

    That rock hen looks delish!!!!! Glad you had some to make up for the vet visit.

  26. Hey Derby, just checking in. We're WAY behind!!

    Great job of letting the doctor know you weren't happy. But we're glad to hear your furless spots aren't anything serious.


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