Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hi Little Guy

First I have gone ORANGE for the ASPCA for the month. Remember to be kind to critters and watch for those who are not kind to critters.
Another picture from last summer to keep us hoping for greener days ahead. They are talking a little bit of white stuff again. Not much, but still, we want it to be gone, over, no more. Mum wants to get out and be able to do more yard work, have flower bloom and all.

But mum brought some greenery for me, she planted me some grass this past week. It takes a few days to start to grow, then she brings it out and puts it on top of a bookcase I can't get to, while it grows and gets green.
So I lay on the bed and watch it grow, heck I even nap in the room, don't want to miss when mum finally brings it down where I can get at it.
When she brings it down I can't wait to get at it. I will run under mum's feets and almost trip her up I get so excited.
Yeah, nom, nom, nom, nom...... yummy.
Happy weekend everyone.


  1. So nice of your Mum to give you a bed for yourself... the quilt is very nice-looking too. And from the looks of things, you enjoy naptimes on it.

  2. Oh wow you just reminded me, I got Buddah some grass seeds for Christmas and the People need to make them grow for me so I can give him the grass! I don't nom it, but he goes a little insane over it.

  3. Wow Derby, we are envious that your mom grows grass for you. We hope the outside gets as green as your inside is about to be.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  4. Oh what a lovely bed! And greens all to yourself as well. You are one lucky cat Derby

  5. That's pretty neat that your Mom grew you some of that pet grass. We got some one year in our stocking, but it never grew. We think it's because it was never put in a pot, and all. Bad staff.

  6. I never knew watching grass grow could be so exciting!

    Huffle Mawson

  7. Thanks for letting everyone know about go orange month. It's a very cool idea.

    That grass looks delicious. Mmm...

  8. Grass is yummy!!
    Derby, you look great in Orange, it's definitely your color!

  9. Mom brought home some of that green kitty grass yesterday, but Charmee tried to eat the plastic box instead. You are MUCH smarter to eat the grass.

  10. You really enjoy your grass don't you Derby. We hope it soon grows again so you can have a feast.

  11. I LOVE your face in the grass!! Is it good? Our human hasn't got us any. Cheap, I think she is.

    Noir in Texas


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