Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bird Counts

The final tally is in for the long weekend. Mum had stuff to do so we didn't have lots and lots of time to watch with me, but this is what we saw and will report.

Doves - 6
Goldy Finches - 15
Juncos - 4
Sparrow - 8
Chickadee - 2
Downy Woodpecker - 1

This is average for a weekend. We ususally see more woodypecker guys and cardinals, a nuthatch or two, but these guys we always see.

Hope that you were able to pawticipate too. Otherwise remember for next year.
Plus a big shout out to mum, she is getting officially older today. So happy day mum, enjoy, even if you are off day hunting. Some of her furiends sent her a really cute card with a ginger boy on the front.


  1. We love the sunny photo of you! And happy birthday, Derby Mama!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mum! Shall we celebrate with some ham?!

  3. Great Bird Counting!! Happy Birthday to your Mum!! My mom loves the card.

  4. A very Happy Birthday to your Mom! We did the bird count, we didn't have very many. A couple towhees, a pair of finches and one Stellar Jay. (who was very noisy!) We enjoyed doing the count and look forward to doing it next year.

  5. We missed out on the bird count - but mainly we don't see that many out back - mostly ducks. At least at this time of year!

    Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mom!

  7. Happy birthday to your mum. We get a lot of goldfinches here as well, mostly in the summer when they feed on the grass seed heads.

  8. Maximus Spittimus would like to ask you 'why did you not catch any?'

    ...not that he has...he's too afraid to go outside still....

    ...you are!!!.....oh yes you are!!!...I've seen you...you just sit at the open door and look!!!

    oh...sorry...got caught up in conversation...

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  9. Happy birthday to your mum! What did you give her?

  10. Happy Birthday to your Beanmom!!

  11. Happy Birthday Mum!
    Our moms big day was Feb. 4th. so our moms have something in common.

  12. You certainly had a bunch of birdies at your place. We are still having the snow and stuff. But guess what? Mommie took a photo of me watching outside ready to just climb through the glass if I could. Then she looked and took a photo of what I saw. Two huge, we don't know what they were, birdies. I think they were bigger than me!!


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