Monday, February 1, 2010

ManCat Monday - With Movies

Cats seem always to be finding new ways to do nothing. - Author Unknown

I am always doing something. Napping, eating, playing, just hanging out with mum. Just because I can't do 'chores' like a bean can, doesn't mean I am doing 'nothing'. Just like the video, some beans might say I am doing nothing. Not really, working on my love paws and purring up a storm.

Mum was cruising my shelter's website on Caturday and we saw the following.
My Princess is up for adoption? Mum said no, that is not MY Princess Mia. I said are you sure, she said yes.

Mum even wented out to see my shelter this weekend. Most of the addition and remodeling is done and she says she likes it and I would too.
The kittie area is now at the front of the building with lots of windows so we kitties would get natural light. The area straight ahead is the big kittie play room for beans to interact with kitties before they adopt. I think they let them out to play during non viewing hours too. They have big windows that go to the floor to see outside.
Mum didn't take many pictures inside as there was lots of beans around. Mum says the crates are bigger than they used to have, plus big picture window suites for like a family of cats that come in or a bunch of kittens if they have them.

They have a big sign out front about going to The Bridge, but they call it the Rainbow Valley. Mum got all leaky eyed when she read the story off the picture when she got home.
Plus mum donated some green papers to help build the new place, and she bought a brick. So she looked and found it right away. It is near the corner where the sidewalk by the parking spaces meets the main walkway into the door. A nice prominent spot!
But mum cheated on me. She looked a at kitties, says maybe it is time I had a fursib. So the kittie she looked at was Opal, who was listed right above Princess Mia . Why Opal? Well mum says to be fair, since I have no claws that my fursib not have claws either. Not many kitties come in like that and Opal is a all four de-clawed kittie.

Here is a short video, mum says she is really quiet, maybe too quiet to deal with me.

Mum said her one eye is all wonky too, her right eye. Sort of looks like a cataract in the eye. They said they don't really know what is wrong, it is not a foreign body and she is being treated by the vet.
She sat quietly under the chair for a while. Mum tried to get her to play and she really didn't want to play.
Here she is looking out the door into the room with the crates with all of her fellow kitties waiting for adoption.
Guess I better enjoy my days as a only cat, they may be numbered!

Derby's Mum: Opal was very sweet, sort of liked being cuddled but wouldn't play much. She has been in a foster situation with other cats and did ok, but what sold me on Derby was that the minute we were in one of these little rooms he came over and rubbed up against me and meowed hello. We played and had a great time. Opal was content to sit, mostly under the chair. She was soft and sweet, so she will find a good home soon.


  1. Love the movies. Your purrs are in high gear, Derby. Opal looks like a sweetie, but I get the impression that you don't have to worry about her moving in. I hope she finds a home soon.

  2. From watching Opal's video, I think she was distracted by the catnip mat. She seemed like a lovely kitty - trusting enough to accept belly rubs!

  3. Opal is a lovely kitty. We hope she soon gets her forever home whether it is with you or someone else. Sounds like you will soon be getting a brother or sister when the right one comes along.
    We liked listening to your purrs and watching your love eyes. You're quite the big softy aren't you.

  4. Opal looks and sounds very sweet. We hope she finds the purrfect forever home. Some cats take a little longer to warm up then others. The skittish Artemisia that would barely let Mom touch her now follows Mommy around just waiting to be petted. And she hardly moved when we first got her and now all she wants to do is PLAY. We thinks she didn't feel very good when she first came to live here. ~AFSS

  5. Opal looks like a sweetheart and I love how exercise. Tyganas right eye is quite wonky much like that too, they say he got it from a scratch on the eye from either rubbing it on something or a cat fight. He got treated with drops for a long time but it never made anything better and they said the eye wont kill him just hinder his sight a bit

  6. Good job there on your chore, Derby.

    Sammy says: I was about three when Andy came to live with us...of course he was just an itty bitty baby, but I took over his bringing up......and although at times he was and is a pest, it is great to have a sibling.

  7. oh Derby, you has really really nice purrsss!

    Opal looks like a little sweetie! we hopes she finds a furefur home furry soon!

  8. Derby, we know your Mom will find a fursibling that is just right for you. xoxo

  9. We hope that Opal finds a great home soon. She looks so sweet! Purrs.

    Derby, the Male says taxes there can't be any worse than taxes here... sigh. As if HE knows anything...

  10. Derby, you have a wonderful purr! Having a sibling is great--we hope you find one soon!

  11. She looks so cute though.
    Hope she finds a home soon...

  12. You have an excellent purr motor. If another kit is in your future, you'll have to help out with the selecting process.

  13. We hear you purring!!!! What a great video of you!
    Little Opal looks like a sweetheart. Quiet and gentle. Maybe she needs to be adopted by an older person.

  14. Oooo...let us know what happens!

  15. Derby, Thanks for visiting my blog. We didn't mean to imply we were questioning Mom's judgment in choosing you a sibling. It is very nice the way the shelter is set up with a room like that one where your Mom got to spend time with Opal. Your most suitable new brother or sister is somewhere and you will have lots of fun together whenever it happens for him or her to come into your lives.

  16. Derby, we think you having a fursib is a cool idea!

  17. Thanks for the info on catolympics I'm gonna check it out. Hope you'll play.

  18. enjoy to see this movie.....this make my day !

  19. Love the closeup & hearing your purring!

    Wow! You have your own brick? Way to go, dude!! We know you Mum will make the right decision in adopting a sibling for you. Perhaps a very young cat so you won't feel threatened and the newcomer will adjust quicker than an older cat. Not that older cats don't need good homes 'cause they do, but Mom has found it easier to introduce a baby (3 times!!) to a resident cat rather than an adult. The one time she tried that, it didn't work out and her brother took that cat and had it for 10 years, so it worked out OK for the cat in the end. We adult males seem to understand that kittens are no threat to us.


  20. If you get a fursib soon, we think it will be great fun. We loved the video and we hope Opal finds a home soon.

  21. Wow Derby, you sure are purring up a storm!

  22. What a great purrrrer you are! No one could ever say you were doing nothing!
    The memory isn't working too good today and I am not sure if I visited you and thanked you for coming to my first birthday party. We have been having so many blogger problems that it has slowed down my visits as the mom was ready to kill the computer, just because that was the only thing she could think of doing. I wouldn't let her. Finally the blogger monster seems to be gone for now, probably picking on another innocent one. Hope you had a fun time at my first birthday party. It was great seeing you there.

  23. Derby, I think that it's wonderful that a kitty might get to be your sib! Even thought I complain about mine, I am glad they are here!
    Opal looked like a lovely choice. Maybe she just needed to have a little more time to "audition"!

  24. Purring and making love paws is definitely not nothing.
    We hope Opal finds a great home soon!
    your bud Pepi

  25. Love your purrs, Derby.

    Opal is a sweetie. I hope she finds a good furever home soon, whether with you or some other.

    Hey there is a Superbowl Party on at Gracie's on Feb 7. Please come along. Her blog is
    She is related to Opus and a Colt supporter.

  26. Dis is what Angie's holistic vet (Dr. Stephen Tobin) says bout two cats:

    "Cats, being loners, don't want other cats around. In fact, they are the only domestic animal that are loners. A lot of people think that since they're off working during the day that they should get a companion for their cat so it won't be lonely. But a cat sees another cat as someone invading his territory.

    Sometimes two cats will get along fine, especially if they are from the same litter and have grown up together. But sometimes, when you have two cats together, you might find that even though they are getting along, one of them may be urinating around the house to show that he or she is dominant. If someone really wants a companion for a cat, though, you can avoid all those problems by getting the cat a dog."

    Dat said, if yoo want a furriend for Derby, yoo will know when yoo find da rite one. Yoo will feel it in yur heart.


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