Monday, February 8, 2010

ManCat Monday

Even a cat is a lion in her own lair. - Indian Proverb
Hope everycat and bean had a good weekend.

We have been getting some strange comments in the past week. Lots from one particular non-kittie blog type. If we follow the link back it goes to a suspended page. So I had mum tighten up the comment moderation time and if this goes on I may have to go to total comment moderation which mum says will be a bit more work, but not as much fun as you won't see the other comments ahead of you if mum hasn't had the chance to check the comments out first.

Mum also has made it so no anonymouse comments too, so I hope none of you have issues leaving a comment.

Hope all my furiends out east are OK with all the snow. Uncle Flip lives out there, so he got lots of snow. On Friday he emailed mum and the rest of the family, said he had enough food, drink (alcohol), dry firewood, books to read. So he was all set to hunker down for the duration of the storm. Then he would dig out when it was done.

I also hope none of my furiends out in Connect-a-Dot had any one hurt in the explosion there at the power plant.

I spent most of my Sunday over at Gracie's for the Stouper Bowl Party. Olive and Opus came by to pick me up in the MFV and brought a blue wig for me to wear too.

Final Feetsball Report

The New Orlean Saints are Stouper Bowl Champs. I was hoping The Colts would win, but it was a good game. Not really decided until the 4th quarter, not a blow out by one team or another. The game for a change was better than the commercials.

Mum favorite commercial was The Dorito ones, mostly the first one with the fake dead guy, mine was the Dockers commercial coming right after the tighty whitey guys, which was rather strange.

Now mum says it will be time for CrashCar to start up, that means we can nap on Sunday afternoons.


  1. Hi derby sorry to her about the comment probs and hope it is now a thing of the past.

  2. We are still shocked and sadden by the outcome of the game. At least you had you to help comfort us. Our human is still in bed and may night come out for several more days.

    Time to starting thinking about next year....
    Opus and Ollie

  3. I am sorry you have been getting strange comments and hope that they will go away now. I am sorry that your Colts lost, but I am happy for the Saints.

  4. Stupid commenters who ruin it for everybuddy else. We are glad that all your friends can still comment though.

    We hope it was a fun game to watch.

  5. Mom says she couldn't follow most of teh Super Bowl ads - she will have to go back to the DVR to replay them. There WAS a lot of underwear, wasn't there?

    Sorry about your comments.

  6. We have seen some mighty weird comments on several blogs lately. Peoples are strange!

  7. We always like the commercials better than the game.
    The weather dude says we are getting another snow storm!

  8. Fooey on spammers wif weerd comments.
    Sowwy yore teem didn't win.
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  9. You are looking good today Derby. We liked the Super Bowl ad with Betty White, that cracked us up. The Coca Cola ad with all the Simpsons characters was fun too. Happy Monday!

  10. We hate it when spammers are mean. We really hate it when the woman forgets to check her spam folder for comments from our friends.

  11. We had to not allow anon. comments too.
    Our team lost too. We must have been cheering for the same one.
    Thanks for all the football reports you did this season!

  12. That really sucks about the strange comments you are getting, Derby! What are they thinking ... oh, obviously they aren't thinking. We hope that they stop now that you tightened up your comment moderation.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Sorry to hear about spammers. We've been lucky to not get any yet.

    We don't like football but can't help but feel happy for the Saints; that city needs a little boost.

  14. Dang! Those sorry bad commentor people need to find something better to do! I've had an odd comment or two, but haven't changed anything yet. Good luck with your fixes. I might have to do the same thing.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. We were pulling for the Colts too, but Dad used to live in New Orleans when he first started watching footballs (back when they were the Aints) so it's kind of a win-win. Just wish the Saints beat someone other than the Colts. Our favorite commercial was the Labron/Wade McDonald's commercial because it was a spoof of the much older MJ/Bird commercial.

  16. I've been getting more junk comments, too. I have 14 day moderation turned on, but other than that I just delete the garbage as I find it.

  17. We don't like fake commenters. Hope they leave you alone soon.

  18. We have been getting a few anonymous comments too. We set comment moderation a while back for anything more than two days old and it seems to be working okay. We can keep up with and delete any that slip through on current posts.

  19. We have noticed a bunch more weird comments lately on some of the blogs we visit - we totally understand tightening up the security a bit!

    And we wanted to have the Colts win too - mainly because Gracie likes them. But it was a great party either way (we didn't pay too much attention to the game to be honest).

  20. Love the blue wig, Derby! Momma and I watched the Puppy Bowl instead of the game.

  21. Hey Der y, we gave you an award!

  22. Hope your comment thing gets fixed, on Wordpress w have a lot of plug-ins to prevent spam and weird-os.

  23. That is such a bummer about the comments Derby. That stinks. purrrrrs. We are happy that the Saints won, sorry. Drew Brees is a hero to anyone who went to Purdue and daddy is a Purdue alum. So, to daddy and his friends (who all have a mancrush on Drew Brees) it is like Purdue winning the Super Bowl.
    It will be a comfort to us during future disappointing Bengals seasons. sigh.

    We liked the Betty White Snickers commercial "that's not what your girlfriend said!" and the Doritos one with the woofie.

  24. Sorry to hear that the bad ones are bothering your comments. What's with that? I don't get it!
    I hope you had fun at the Super Bowl Party on Sunday. It was so nice of Opus and Ollie to pick you up in the MFV. With all of the snow you didn't have to worry about getting here with the mess on the ground. It's OK my team didn't win. It's all about being together as friends anyway.

  25. Mom did not efun watch one second of da game cuz she wuz bizzy werkin on web stuff and she feelin sik wif a cold. We nefur heard anyfing from da explosion in Connecticat an it wuz only a couple towns away. People down da street heard and felt it and people lots of towns away felt it.
    Now tomorrow we gettin' lots of snow. We hopes it is enuf so da beans get to stay home.

    Hope you got rid of some nasty spammers. Usually if yoo change to no annonymouse for a little while dat werks.


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