Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scafflaw Week

Our furiend Fin has declared it Scafflaw Week. About the only really rule that mum has is that we cannot go outside and roam around by ourselves. If we get out we are in our porch, or very closely snoopervised. Only in the backyard.

So I don't know about you kitties but we don't get yelled at if we:
Sit on the furniture.
Snooze on top of the big cold box.
Nap with Teddy on the guest bed.
Or nap on the table in the sun spots.

Sorry guys, we have a really great mum, we will keep her!


  1. You have a dream Mom!! Mom has a rule about almost all of those things! You're good kitties!

  2. Our mom has rules for those things but we just ignore them...

  3. Yep, we have to agree with you on that one! The only rule we have here is no running out the front door.

  4. Owr only rule is no kitties on the kitchen counters or dining room table. An I don't fink Mom liked it when I gotted inside da cupboard where the crockpot usually lifs.
    Der must be sumfin a little bit naughty yous could do! Knock her pen on da floor an under da table?
    PS Okay, yur Mom can hugify us.

  5. um...do you think your Mum would notice if all 12 of us showed up?

    heh heh. Actually, we get away with all those things at our house, too.

  6. Love your photos, they are all precious!...Our Mommy is like that too; says we are never bad kitties, because we are sweethearts and if it makes us happy, it can't be that bad :)...kisses, handsome boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. WOW! Yoo are verwy lucky. Mind yoo, even tho we DO have rules we don't take any notice of them! MOL!

  8. Wow! Can we come and live with you?

  9. You have a great mum! We're not allowed on the dining table or kitchen counters (not that there's much space anyway--it's a tiny "kitchen") when our human is around. Everything else pretty much goes, though!

  10. You two look pretty cute breaking the rules together!

  11. We have pretty much the same rules--no going outside or on the dresser, otherwise, she doesn't mind where we sit!

  12. You aren't supposed to snooze there? Huh?!

  13. We never gets in trouble for those things, either! Our only rule is no running outside, too. Oh, and we are not supposed to climb inside the kitchen cabinets.

  14. We don't really have rules. We let Dad think we do, but we know better!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. I dont have many rules but do keep to the not on kitchen top rule, keeps mum happy.. HUgs GJ xx

  16. We are allowed to do all those things too except get on the table and the counter tops.

  17. Derby & Ducky

    You're Mom is super!

    Fankfully our Mom is very similar to yours.



  18. I goes on kitchen worktops and chairs and beds and everywheres...Two Legs are not quickimuss to stops me!

    Maximus Spittimus



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