Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011 - Groundhog Day Edition

The snow-tsunami is over, here are the pictures.
Comparison of the bird bath picture from yesterday.
Picture of the sun dial. Mum guesses we got 12 inches of new snow that blew around, a lot.
Ducky checking out the snow this AM.
Mum got this much of the driveway cleared with her little machine.
Then neighbor Vince came by with his big snow eater and did the end of the driveway. Thank you Mr Vince. You is a great guy for helping out.
Hmmm, the snow is blocking my view here!
Thanks for brushing it away!
Patio cleared enough so mum get get out to feed the fevvers. She did wade out in the snow to check the feeders. She was knee deep in snow and said her feets hadn't hit the actual ground.
Snow totals, we didn't get the most, that is OK with mum!
Our driveway tonight, it has melted in the sun during the day, pretty clear! Guess that means mum has to go day hunting.
This isn't our house, mum says it is Uncle Stormies. Seems he got bee-lizzard in the OK state. He got his driveway cleared, but they don't have snow plows like we do to get the streets clear. So he won't be going far anytime soon.

We hope all of our furiends who had bad weather did OK and no problems. We enjoyed what sun we got today too.

Yeah, at least our local groundhog did not see his shadow. No way they dug him out of his den today. So maybe we get an early spring? We can hope.


  1. That's a lot of snow, guys. Seriously. We got dumped on up here in southeastern Ontario too and the mom stayed home today, shovelled and shovelled and shovelled (three times). We're crossing our paws for an early Spring here, but somehow we don't think we're going to get it this year, in spite of the groundhogs in the US and Canada!

  2. Glad your Mum got things dug out: that is important. We had almost all ice and sleet, so Dad had to chip away at the driveway. No chance to use the big snowblower on this one. It is getting super cold tonight and tomorrow, so all the melting stuff will freeze into a block again. Mom's Day Hunting got canceled today, thank goodness, because no way could they have cleared that driveway early.
    We really DO hope the groundhog is right!!

  3. That is a lot of snow and a lot of work for your mum to keep the driveway clear.

  4. We didn't get as much as they were predicting either...we got about 7 inches or so. But our mom says that's enough!!

    Glad you guys got dug out!!

  5. Wow, that is a lot of snow! Last night the wind blew and blew here too, and we had drifts against the garage door and the front door. It was very noisy all night--and, the blowing snow kept waking up Mr. Security Light in the back yard!

  6. Wow ! that's a lot of jobs for your mom. She must need a big nap right now.


  7. Wow, you had a lot more snow than we did! I am hoping that Phil the groundhog is right that Spring will be here soon - I am a ginger tabby who loves the heat!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  8. You sure got plenty of snow! Its a good thing yer Mom has a machine and that Mr Vince was able to help out with the end on the driveway. The Big Thing says thats always the worst part.

    We gotta snowblower in October, but we havent had enough atta time for him ta use it. Not that hes complainin anny...

  9. I'm glad you guys made it through the snow storm!

  10. We have come to the conclusion that the snow was Phil's revenge for pulling him out of his hole every February!

  11. Oh my! My poor Aunt in Racine--23.5 inches!!! BURR!!!!

    Stay warm and cozy Derby and Ducky! And come out to visit if you get sick of the white stuff--of course today we are getting rain and no sun...

  12. The snow pretty much missed us, Teri did take a snow day off last week but other than that...we are glad you are safe and warm inside that that you have good 'groundskeepers' to make sure your view isn't blocked and that the fevvers get seeds

  13. OMG...the end of the driveway is always the hardest.

  14. 12 inches on top of snow that was already there = a LOT of snow! Glad to see you are all safe and warm!

  15. Everyone is talking about the early spring... but we can't understand what all this SNOW is doing here, then!

  16. Greetings,

    We have been hearing that it is cold and there is a lot of snow about. I guess it is best to stay inside under a blanket and one that is heated.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  17. That sure is a lot of snow! We gotted less snow here, on account of we got lotsa ice. Mom had to go to work because she had training. Just about effuryone else she works with worked at home!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)


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