Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Visit

I had to make a visit on Caturday to the V-E-T! Mum says that if all is well I only have to go once a year.
Me inside the PTU, hey, I haven't been in this for over a year, I hopes I am not going back to the shelter!
Derby coming by to say good bye to me. I don't think he knew I was going, as he hadn't warned me and neither did mum. I had been sitting really nice with mum watching the fevvers outside, when she scooped me up and put me in. I almost got away from her to run and hide!
Here I am on the table at the VET, we were just waiting for the doc to come in to do his thing, which thankfully didn't include violating my spot 13.
Yeah, sitting by the weighing thing, I weighed a nice 8 pounds 11 ounces, up from 7 pounds 5 ounces a year ago.
Hey, where does this go, hmm, no where special. Not really a hidey spot or an escape place.
Guess I will turn around, so I can see what is going on. Then the doc showed up, listened to my insides, looked at my ears and my teeths. I passed all my test, got my shots really quick. Then mum got the carrier up and I got back inside on my own. Then she paid the bill and we came straight home.

Derby hissed at me when I got back, I didn't care. I just sort of laid low for a while. Then mum came with some extra treats. Derby got a couple and he tried to move in on mine. I hissed right back at him and he left my treats alone.

Plus Happy Purrthday to our mum! Have a wonderful day! I hope we get extra treats to cellybrate with you.


  1. Oh gosh...we're first!!

    We're glad you got a clean bill of health and don't have to go back to the (shudders) VET any time soon. Oh, and Ducky, don't worry about your Mum taking you back to the shelter. We know she NEVER would!

  2. Happy Purrfday to yur Mum!!! We hopes y'all get treats too!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  3. You seem like you were a pretty good boy at the VDT. Funny the way we kitties all happily climb BACK in the PTU without any encouraging.

    I am sure your good report was a great birthday present for you Mum.

  4. Glad you got all checked out by the V-E-T and you were so well behaved.

    Happy Purrfday to your mom!!

  5. Good job Ducky!
    It's nice when all goes well!
    Happy Birthday to your Mum! Have a special day!

  6. Phew! At least it's over with. Maybe your Mum will forget about it next time...after all a whole year is a long time! Hurrah you had a good check-up!

    Happy Birthday to your Mum! We're sending purrs and headbumps...all you two have to do is deliver 'em all day.

  7. Glad your v-e-t visit went well. The beans are good at diverting your attention before they place you in the PTU.

    Happy Birthday to you your mom. We're sure she'll give yousome extra treats to celebrate.

  8. You did really well at the v-e-t! We hate the ride in the box on wheels, but once we get there we like to explore. Glad all is well with you!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  9. Sounds like your vet visit was not too painful or upsetting, Ducky! Give your human a happy birthday headbutt from me!

  10. Look at you! Exploring the vet with confidence. Glad you got some extra deets out of the deal. Happy Birthday, mom!

  11. Glad everything went well at the vet. It looks like you were a very good boy.
    Happy Birthday to your mum.

  12. Happy purrthday to your mum.

    Dora was very excited to get her first Valentine's card from Ducky, and sends many purrs and floofy headbutts!

  13. Well I am glad that you passed all your tests and are doing well! Do we get ham on your Mom's birthday? If so I hope she has a happy one with lots and lots of ham...

  14. Ducky, we're glad your v-e-t visit went well and your spot 13 didn't get violated!! We have that same PTU!!

    Happy Birthday to your mum!!

  15. I don't know what it is about all the hissing after a visit to the cat fix-it place, but it happens here, too. I'm glad you returned the favor and guarded your treats!

    Happy birthday to your mum! Did you get her some nip toys?

  16. The vet visits are stressy. Glad ya had a rather easy one. No spot #13 probe is allus good!

  17. Lucky you! I've been there twice and will have to go back in May with my brother for our shots! ~Lizzie

  18. I saw a postcard on the table from my v-e-t that says I need to get shot. I intend to whap that card so it disappears. I do not like getting into the PTU to go to the v-e-t.

    Happy Birthday to your Mum.

  19. First of all, Belated Birthday Wishes to your Mum!!! It was also Leslie's birthday (she is the very nice lady who works at our PetSmart).

    Second, we are relieved to hear that your visit to the v-e-t went well.

    Most of all, do not worry, your Mum loves you very very much. She would never return you to the shelter. Especially not on her birthday!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

    P.S. Today is our Dad's birthday!


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