Tuesday, February 1, 2011


OK the weather guesser are saying we will be having a Bee-lizard overnight. Just for some comparison here are a few pictures mum took when she got home from work today. Will try to take some of the same shots tomorrow after the storm.
The one fevver bath.
The sun dial. Don't know why she has this to try to tell time.
The rain guage, turned upside down. The snow is just at the bottom of the fat measuring part. Plus mum did go outside to fill the fevver feeders, the drifts are up to her knees.

Mum went off day hunting as normal this morning. Got up, clean what snow we had off the driveway and left us. But she was back home by noon. Her boss sent her home early, they were closing the office early and he thought since mum isn't well she needed more time home. But she did go see the human VET, bronk-eye-tis. She has pills and such to take. She isn't barking as much, but still barking.

She worked as best she could from home, likely the office will be closed tomorrow and she will do what she can from home again.

We will be cuddling to stay warm, watching the snow fly and purring on mum so she gets better.
Stay warm and safe everyone.


  1. Lots of purrs to your mum that she feels better soon!

    We're getting a blizzard here tomorrow too and the mom already told her boss that if the city buses stop running, she's not walking the 5kms (3 miles) to the office. LOL. She's hoping for a snow day!

    Everyone stay safe and warm!

  2. We hope your mum is soon feeling better. Keep nice and warm while you watch the snow falling.

  3. You guys already have MORE than enough snow - I can't believe you are getting more! Stay cozy and warm inside, and make sure your human takes her medicine. I hope she is cooperative about that and you don't have to pill her.

  4. Hope your Mom feels better and that she stay safe at home with both of you.
    Stay warm.


  5. I purrs Purrs PURRS for your mom, I hope she feel better QUICK !!!

    and Please stay safe and warm that's lot of Snow !!!


  6. Stay warm and safe. I hope the bronkytiss responds to the medicine. Mom says she hopes they gave your Mum a Z-pack (azithromycin) since it is good fro bronkytiss, not just amoxicillin.

  7. What's with all the snow?! We didn't get as much as you but we also don't know what to do with it! We're trying to convince my mom to hunt from home tomorrow. Stay warm and safe!

  8. We hope your mum feels better soon! Give her lots of cuddles!! That should help!!

    We're having snowmageddon right now!! Maybe our mom will get to stay home with us too!

  9. We are glad your Mum is safely home to take care of you for all this snow. You guys can teleport over if she needs to nap a lot with her sickyness. We are chilly but have sun!

  10. Hope she is feeling better soon!
    Snow days are kind of neat, as long as you don't have to go out in them.
    glad she is keeping the birdies fed!

  11. the weather is cwazy. mom says we should be looking for Toto? or something cuz the wind is a whipp'n. think we are clear of the snow tho, thank goodness. that wind tho- geeesh.

    stay warm and cozy. purrs to feeln better.

    -us4 cats

  12. We hope your mama got to stay home today! Mama is off and is snuggling with us. Hope your mama feels better soon!

  13. We got a blizzard here! Did you see all the snowies last night? It was lots of fun!


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