Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cat Talk Time

We have our word for the Blogosphere for Cat Talk Time and it is


Now it means two things. Lots of something or our very own 'ramic sisfur Virginger the the squllions and squillions of her littermates.

A few of Virginger's litter mates that we fosteredFrom Left to right. Mandy, Mango, Inky, Blackie, Ashes and Storm Cloud.

Mandarin (Mandy) she lives with Ducky's sweetie Dora and her beans in the UK
Mango - went to live with Derby's sweetie, Princess Mia Bella
Blackie - went to live with Zeus in Texas

Inky - lives with the Tower Hill Mob

Ashes - to Abby and her gang

Storm Cloud - Le Trois Chats

Plus a link to way back when were we posted about our favorite words.

On a sadder note Misses Peaches ran off to the Bridge, joining her beloved Mickey. Farewell sweet lady.
Plus we are welcoming house guests. Dora, is coming to visit Ducky, versus hanging out in kittie jail. This is the second time in the past month her beans have deserted her to run off on holiday. Beau Beau is just coming over to get away from his beans. Seems he didn't come home when expected and they were all worried. He thinks he is in BIG trouble.

Plus lots of purrs for Mom Paula and Beignet. Poor little guy had a furry bad reaction to a shot and they found a tumor. Sadly he won't now be coming to live with Mom Paula.

Way too much going on, and not all of it good. Purrs to all.


  1. Those Squillions are adorable! Have a good time with your houseguests. We are already purring for little Biegnet.

  2. Those squillions are adorable!!!

    We are purring for the bad things that are happening.....

  3. We love your squillions!

    You're right, it's a very sad day on the CB.

  4. You sent us Sioux too. But he may have been in the next adoption cycle.
    He sends greetings to Virginger.

  5. Squillions! That's right. We didn't even think of that!!!

  6. Wow we didn't know Virginger had so much family! Squillions is a purrfect word. Mom says she wants a do-over fur this week!

  7. Squillion! That's an excellent word!!

    And we are so sad to hear about Miss Peach...and now Sweet Beignet...a very sad time in the Cat Blogosphere.


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