Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome, Virginger here. Last week I had the password wrong. ::blush:: welcome anyway. Come see what is going on.

On the front side of the house it is all busy and dirty. They are working on burying big, black, tunnels under the ground.
See he was standing there with a stick, then the big machine took some bites out and then...
... you can just see the top of his head and the little shovel thing would drop in rock into the hole.
The guy who drives this around drives like a crazy guy, but he keeps his drinks all fastened to the top of his machine.
Mum saw this hornet or wasp nest across the street. The beans have move out of the house, so no one to tell. We all plan to leave them alone. But enough of the noisy stuff in front of the house. Let's go to the back where we can relax.
Pretty cone flowers with a flutterby on them.
Black eyed susans, who show up so bright all the time.
The flutterby again, taking a long sip on some other flowers. Mum likes to put in flowers that attract the flutterbys to come and visit.
The hummer coming to take a drink. We have been getting to see them more often, and we saw three of them in quick order and they couldn't have been the same one three times. Two were there, and chased each other away, then a third one zipped in while the feeder was open. Guess some of these guys don't get along well.

Enough for this week. Nice to have you stop by.

Love, Virginger.


  1. I never seen the hornet before, but my mom does . she said have to be careful !
    I think your garden is wonderful and peaceful, Its so opposite to outside da house ! Like different world !!!
    Thank You for the tour , Virginger : )

  2. We really enjoyed the tour of your garden and grounds today. Fanks.

  3. Thats quite the hornets nest! Big!
    It's always interesting when the workers come to work on the street, but mom hates the noise.
    Pretty hummers!

  4. Wow! Look at all that fluttery garden activity. I bet it is fun to watch!

  5. We must have a hornets nest near to us too because we have had 2 come indoors. Mum said we mustn't touch them because they will sting very bad.We like your hummer and flutterby. The flowers are pretty.

  6. We much prefer the back of the house, Virginger. Very pretty flowers!!

  7. Nice pictures, as usual!

    We have lots and lots of hummers here. Pretty exciting!

  8. Yer flowers are looking very fresh! Our black-eyed susans are doing well, like yours, but our coneflowers seem all dried out. We love the hummer picture. We have hummers, but they are hard to take pictures of...

  9. Don't worry, if you ever forget the password again...Grete woofie as a master list of all our CB furriends so you can always get in!

  10. I like to sit sometimes and watch the birds outside our window. My dad says I make this funny clucking sound with my mouth when I do this.


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