Monday, August 15, 2011

ManCat Monday

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. - Hippolyte Taine
First of all I want to salute a dear blogging furiend, Kismet. He put the MAN into ManCat. He ran off to The Bridge on Caturday while sleeping with his bean. Farewell buddy, see you again some day. He was hanging out in Whiskercon when he left. Good place to leave, this is God's Country, you know.

We are being blessed of burdened with extra mum time. She is taking some days off from day hunting to catch up on things. Like sleep, cleaning, reading, napping, playing with kitties and startin to crow-shay a baby blanket. Mum says thank cod that football is back, she gets most of her crow-shay done during games.
Ducky hanging out on the end of the couch watching mum do her thing, or maybe she was just resting. He is all dreamy since Dora accepted him as her ManCat.
Both of us inspecting the laundry dryer thing. No kittie was warmed up or hurt. I inspected the insides, Ducky just watched.
Me showing mum by backside while she readed her book. The weather has changed, the hots and humids are gone. Windows are wide open so we get lots of fresh airs, birdies singing and such. Mum says it makes for nice sleeping.

A word of thanks to Virginger for holding the blog for us. She does deserve some more time now and then.Yeah, I admit it, I am an old softy.


  1. We would nefur let mom cro-shay without helping out! We are happy that your hots are gone. We hope our hots are not far behind! Happy Monday.

  2. I am very interested in da cro-shay. My Mama says she will haf to get hers out too. Enjoy da open windows. Purrs

  3. We'd like to get rid of our humidity. The actual temps are fine, but it's so sticky it feels yucky out.

    You reminded our mom that she has a knitting project to start soon! She wishes she knew how to crochet, but never learned. At least not yet!

  4. our the mom cannot crowshay 'acause the strings keep getting cut short. MOL

  5. So if your mama crow-shays does she make crows? MOL! Belated congratulations are in order to Ducky on finding a ladycat!

  6. It sounds like things are going well with you all. I am glad that you are getting some fresh fresh air. You know you could always come here--we never have gotten summer!

  7. We're sorry to hear abowt Kismet. We will pop over wiv condolances.

    Enjoy the extra time wiv yoor mom.

  8. Mum time is the Best! Our Mommy says she had to give up crow-shay as she gets too much help, hmmph.
    hee hee--Go Bears!

  9. Congrats to Ducky! Dora is a sweetheart and he waited a long time for her!!!
    He is cute on the end of the couch. It's ok to show your backside now & then.

  10. How nice that you get some more mum time. Enjoy!!

    Y'know, Virginger did do a good job blogging while you guys were gone. Be careful...she may want to take over.

  11. We were sad to hear about Kismet too. You left your blog in safe paws with Virginger looking after it.


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