Friday, August 26, 2011

Go Away Irene

We mean this storm. You just leave all of our furiends safe, dry. All the other people and fur kids out there too.

Just freaking go away from us.
Our weather is supposed to stay all nice. So please feel free to teleport over. Windows should be open, weather dry, sunny sky during the day, starlight at night.

Mum saw us both staring out the front window, so when she went out to water the flowers in front she saw what we were staring at. A dead, rotting chipmunk. Mum didn't take pictures, too icky she said. She took the hose and let the water push it off the cement into the flower bed. It can enrich the soil.

Mum is getting ready to shut down the puter for a while. We are going to watch the Packers play preseason. Plus she needs to work on her crow-shay. We will have to get her to take a picture soon.


  1. We had a nice, cool breeze in Columbia, SC today from Irene being off of the SC coast. I hope all of our furriends along the East Coast stay safe.

    Mom Paula

  2. Derby and Ducky, I just have a good thought that your forceful statement to Irene to go away just might budge her a little!
    Mom is pretty nervous. Dad is calmer. But it is coming right up to where we live. Fortunately we are not in a flooding area. But trees down and power outages seem like the minimum we have to expect.
    Except really, Audrey and I are pblivious to the whole thing for now.

  3. It's supposed to be nice here this weekend too. If it gets too crowded at your house, the overflow can teleport here and hang out.

  4. we nefur seen a chipmunk before, much less a dead one! Purrs fur our furriends on the East coast. xoxo

  5. Enjoy your weekend. We have a nice weekend planned here but we may drop by anyway. Purrs.

  6. We're purring and praying for our pals in Irene's path. She left us last night.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. I Hiss off Irene out off every where have human and animals. Paw Crossed and Purrs for them so hard for All are Safe !!!!

  8. Fanks for da invite and I finks we will be right ofur cuz da big winds are gonna be startin soon. Owr Virginia furriends alreddy lost power. Daddy an Mommy are watchin comedies on TV to make happy noises.

  9. It turned out to be not so bad here. Power was out for about 24 hours, some trees and limbs came down, but all in all it could've been much worse!

  10. We are always finding rotten treasures like that with Zolie taking care of the yard like she does.
    Even though we are not in the hurricane path, we're going to transport over and hang out with you guys. You may have to tell Scout to knock it off if he starts to stalk the yarn.

  11. It was a nice day in Michigan too.

    My name is Oskar & I'd love for you to check out my blog,

    It's a great place for pet bloggers to come together and to be featured.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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