Saturday, August 6, 2011

Squillion Caturday

Hi, Virginger again, staying in charge of the blog!
The boys were complaining that mum has been leaving them on the weekends. Well she is home this weekend, guess who isn't here! Mum isn't worried they are not here, (still off in Bora, Bora, we guess) she can get her work done faster when they aren't here.

So I am hanging outside in the snow on the mountains, trying to keep cool. It isn't as hot as it was a week ago, but still humid.

Mum is doing here chores, shopping for the foods, cleaning with the sucky monster, mowing the grass, washing her clothes, cleaning the bathroom good. Sheesh, I need a nap just thinking about all of that stuff.

See you soon.




  1. How long do you think they will stay in Bora Bora?

  2. With your mom all to yourself, it's must be making for a purr-fect weekend. It must be tough for D&D and the other felines in Bora Bora. We've heard feline quarantine can very difficult over there.

  3. Virginger, the boys and your Mum need to get a calendar (CATlendar?) to coordinate schedules! At least you're there to supervise.

  4. Bet your having a good time having your mum all to yourself Virginger.

  5. Virginger, we think you should teleport yourself over to Bora Bora and have some fun!!

  6. Bet it's awfully quiet at your house. Purrs.

  7. Just drop by to wish you a happy sunday. Love ya!

    Cassy from How To Strum A Guitar


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