Saturday, April 5, 2014


We were up early, we got mum up early too. So we are well on our way for the day. Bright, clear and sunny! However, late yesterday some of that white stuff came from the sky again. GO AWAY SNOW AND WINTER!

It isn't much and will go away once the sun hits it later in the day!

Us? Well we have gotten our AM cuddles from mum and have been hanging out by the heaty spot, or waiting our turn at the heaty spot.

 Derby at the heaty spot
 Ducky waiting
Ducky at the heaty spot.
Then there is the window with the sun.

Mum is even getting stuff done early. Finished her book, and needs to hit the library later. Her brekkie and getting through the newsy papers. She says she really needs to defur the place to day too. We don't know why she bothers, we will just refur it and fast. 

Have a great and wonderful weekend.


  1. We refur the place as fast as we can, too. It's much better with the fur around. Why can't the peeps see that?

  2. I love the floor heater too! That is my winter spot.

  3. You guys stay warm! We also do not understand our humans and their defurring.

  4. Ducky you look so cute with your paws crossed by the heaty spot.

  5. Defurring is important - if your mum didn't do it, soon she'd be ankle deep, then knee deep, in fur!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Well, at least you guys will have fun re-furring up the place again!

  7. Yup, shedding season is here! Paws crossed that there is NO more snow.

  8. More snow?? That's awful!

    At least you have sunshine and that great heaty spot!


  9. Oh we hope that snow goes away pronto, it's time for spring! But glad you have the heaty thing! Have an easy Sunday Derby & Ducky! (Thanks for your comment about our Angel Inka on the calendar, much appreciated.)

  10. My Human was like a 10-toed sloth today. She did NUFFING but watch a 'Homeland' marathon. Pfft. And she swore she was going to PetSmart, too. Well, now she says TOMORROW. Hmmmm.


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