Saturday, April 19, 2014


HiYa, Ducky here.

Well, mum says she has work to do, but sure isn't getting going on it today. Says she has to get motivated. Wonder what store sells that!

She did get enough motivated to put out the hummer feeder this morning. She made up the sugar water last night and has a good supply to start the season.

Mum told us we need to watch now for the hummers to show up. It will be soon. So Derby took over part of the tower.

  I sat on the table for a bit, then move into the little house on the tower to watch. 
Plus I love to smell mum's jacket when she has been outside. All sorts of neat smells.

Happy Caturday, Happy Easter Eve and all.

Mum says she has found a bit of motivation, so guess she will go do her chores.

Happy weekend.


  1. Most humans in our area are really successful with hummingbird feeders. My human? She gets ants!

  2. I hope your hummers soon arrive.
    Happy Easter to both of you.

  3. We hope you have hummingbirds at your feeder to watch soon.

  4. We like to sniff the mom's clothes when she comes in from being outside. They smell so interesting.

    We didn't know the hummers would be back this soon. The mom better get the feeder out!

  5. Look after your mum you two. Help her find some motivation.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Our hummers are here! We hope yours show up soon. They are so fun to watch.

    If your Mommy finds "motivation" in a store, please tell us. Our Mommy could use a truckload of the stuff. MOL!

    Happy Easter!

  7. Hope ya get some hummingbirds to watch!

  8. You look adorable in your house Ducky... And Derby is quite handsome on his perch. You all have a Happy
    Easter and hope you will be seeing some hummingbirds soon.

  9. It will be so exciting when the hummers show up!

  10. Chores are HIGHLY overrated. Humans move around like cray people doing that "chores" thing. We totally think taking it easy is the correct route!

    Hummers, huh? We need us some of those!


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