Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Me, Virginger.

I had lots of snoopervising to do this past weekend and I did it on my own. Those mancats were off napping!

 No mancats hanging out in the window, just me and mum outside and working!
 First she assembled her little cart for toting things around the yard. Big enough for what she needs and it is small enuf to store in the metal monster room without taking up a huge space.
 Then she starting digging away the dirt from near the front faucet. We have that big round stone slab and mum wanted it to sit even with or just below the porch slab.
 Dig she did, put down weed barrier, put the round stone down and then added lots of little rocks. Those bags are heavy so that little carry thing came in handy.

 Front all done and it the hose leaks, then the rocks get wet, but no mud to make a mess.
 The off to the back to do that one, but mum says she ran out of rocks and will need a couple more bags.
 But enuf done to move the hose back, the extra rock will go in front.
Then we finally have flowers and lots of them! This first one is in the back and the first daff to open in the back yard.
 Then in the front, lots of daffs plus the crocus are still blooming.

 The little yellow things look like daffs but they are only a few inches high, so really tiny daffs!
Here is the biggest clump of daffs in the front. Mum isn't sure if these are old ones that didn't get dug up, or if they are new ones she planted.

Plus the four-sith-ia is finally starting to bloom. Now mum says she really thinks it is spring once this plant blooms.

Bizzy week here, more to do in the next week. See you then. Love, Virginger.


  1. Wow, those rocks unner the hose look like a great idea! And the daffodils are lovely.

  2. Yep, love the rock idea under the hoses! And we have a few daffodils blooming now, and the tulips are just about ready too. No bushes or trees are budding yet, though.

  3. Bet it would be fun getting rides in that foldable wheelbarrow!

    We are always so impressed at the great work your mom does outside your house.

  4. see ewe next week virginger...YAY for yur flowers startin ta bloom and double YAY for a BURD free forsythia !!

  5. Sorry, Virginger, but snoozing is what we used to do too when our mom did yard work! You're a big help, though. Thanks for the flower pics!

  6. We love the wheelbarrow, especially how it folds away to nearly nothing. The flowers are looking beautiful in the garden, too!

  7. Neat little wheelbarrow! And all your blooming things are lovely!!

  8. Your mum does great work around the house. That wheelbarrow is so cute!

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Yer Mom might want ta consider a Star Magnolia. We hear it blooms a week later and is not subject to frosts so much. But Saucer magnolias are slightly prettyer. So check yer climate.

  10. that's a lot of work your mom does. did you head butt her when she came back inside to rest?

    emma and buster

  11. Your mum did a lot of work with your snoopervision Virginger. Those rocks are a very good idea for keeping it clean around the hose.

  12. Hi Derby and Ducky and your huuuman,

    Those daffodils are gorgeous--a job well done. And just think, you snoopervised it all.

    Thank you for stopping by Kittens n Things and wishing us a Happy Calendar Day!

  13. Nice to see you looking so well, Virginger

  14. Wow--must be somefing in the air this week. My usually lazy Human has been cleaning out cupboards and cleaning under furniture and all kind of crazy stuff! We wish we had a yard so at least it would all look pretty at the end of working! Your Mom does a great job with all her gardening!


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