Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hey Kitties! Hope you all survived the fourth and the boomies. Except for a little bit of noise from kids setting off stuff, pretty quiet in our neighborhood. They quit early enuf that people can get to bed and sleep.

We all spent the day chillaxing, including mum! The only bizzyness she did was go to the store to buy some more nesting material for the finches. They wiped out her supply in the last week and were looking for more!

We napped, mum caught up on her pile of magazines. Then she grill out and made grill beast and eggplant. Yep, we got some and sorry, no pictures of the grilling!

This was us yesterday, soaking up the sunshines.

But when mum went to eat with Miss Lynn on Thursday and they saw the parade chaos, and later found out that someone had hit three people waiting for the road to get shut down. The people were not in the road the car went up into the grassy median. One kid has a really badly injured leg and still is in the hospital, the other two were treated and released. More reason to stay away!

We even heard lots of sirens last night. Hope no one set something on fire with their fireworks.

Continue to have a safe weekend all.


  1. We heard sirens last night and thought the same thing. Only if they had, we thought that the neighborhood fireworks would have stopped a bit earlier.

    The head peep is intrigued by the idea of cooking eggplant on the grill. She's going to have to read up on that. She has this idea that all kinds of veggies can be cooked there. Doesn't she know that space is for more chicken for us?

  2. Eggplant is one of my human's favorite things and she would love to have some grilled! I think she is nuts - salmon and chicken, yes, but grilling veggies? Ugh, why bother?

  3. Yous boff look gweat. Glad yous had a good day.

    Luv ya'


  4. Glad your boomies weren't too bad. The grill sounds like it was good.

  5. Have a wonderful weekend with your mum.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Glad ya snagged some of da foodz.

  7. That bed looks SO comfy!!!
    Not quite sure it's built for two though! ; )

    Enjoy your chillaxin'
    Happy 4th!

  8. We had some loud fire-boomers last night. And tonight they're starting up again. We'll be glad when this weekend is over.

  9. You two look glorious in the sunshine!

    We are so glad our peeps are low-key for the holiday. Those boomies are awful!

    Have a super easy Sunday!

  10. Yes, y'all are looking mighty fine. Yikes, it's awful when the humans drive over other humans. We're still having boomies...probably one more night...I hope only one!

  11. Too bad the boomies are still all around...people will keep at it for the rest of the summer. Hope the one child recovers!

  12. We get canned just as TBT goes to bed (an when he wakws up, so we don't bother him much at night.

    But we gotta say that young robin fevver got our jaws werking fast!


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