Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. We hope you all had a safe 4th of July weekend. We did, hanging around the house and yard.
Our one rose bush with lots of flower buds on it. Mum thought it was deaded but it started growing late.
Farmer mum's gourds, the lighter green plants. They are growing purrty good, so mum is crossing her fingers she gets some gourds.
Our milkweed plant in the back, this is something that attracts butterflies. Mum also put one in outside the kitch-hen windows, but that one hasn't started to bloom.
Things are going purrty good in the yard. We have had enuf rains, sun and stuff. So doing OK.

Love Virginger and Glimmer. 


  1. meowloz V & G....yur gardens startin ta reely bloom now N hope full lee de naybor hood rabbit stays a vizshuz rabbit that lives heer as eated all de tiger lillies kleer down two de soil....hizzzzzzzzzz

    happee week & see ya next thurzday !♥

  2. I hope your mum's gourds grow well. Something came and ate all my mum's young carrots. We think it might have been a bunny got under the hedge during the night. I told mum I had better stay out all night to keep guard but she won't let me.

  3. Mowzers, GOURDS? We have tons and bunches of roses, but no gourds ou way. VERY coolio!

  4. Looking good you guys.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Can't wait to see da roses when dey bloom!

  6. Nice!

    We just got that obnoxious ad popup--first time we've seen it here.

  7. Wonderful! You know our Mommy loves to see a nice midwest yard...


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