Monday, July 14, 2014

Mini ManCat Monday

Most cats, when they are Out want to be In, and vice versa, and often simultaneously. - Louis J. Camuti, D.V.M.

HiYa Ducky here. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 

We only get to be "in" cats. Rarely are we allowed out, then only in the PTU to go to the stabby place. Although, when Miss Lynn dropped by a few weeks ago, mum did get Derby and take him outside to see Miss Lynn. He got all squirmy, so mum brought him back in.  She wanted to take me outside, but I refused to let her pick me up! hehehe, so I didn't go outside.

We did a lot of this over the weekend. Just chilling on the tower, taking turns as to who had the top spot. 
 Mum did grilled beast both Caturday and Sunday. On Sunday Derby did not come to watch mum eat, but I did.
 So I got rewarded with a little bit of grill beast, actually two pieces as mum gave me Derby's too!
 nom, nom, nom. Delish!
 So where was Derby? Sleeping on the tower! You snooze, you lose! 
 Have a grate week everyone.


  1. Absolutely you snooze, you lose. Your efforts in paying close attention were worthy of extra beast Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Lucky Ducky - you got all the meat treats!

  3. We like Out There from the other side of a window too! Thanks so much for helping to make my Gotcha Day a success!

  4. I seem to almost ALWAYS be on the WRONG side of the door. *sighs*

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

  5. To bad for Derby that he was snoozing !
    Had a rainy easy sunday over here , it was nice :)

  6. doodz...a happee week two ewe both az well, N we dont get out much either, de garage iz it reely....tho frank lee with az manee D burdz thatz been in de yard late lee.... we iz thanx full.... ♥

  7. Way to go on scorin da MEATZ Ducky!

  8. Snooze you lose indeed! We can't believe you didn't both get some of those treats!

    P.S. You've got a typo in your quotation. The author is Louis Camuti, who wrote a wonderful book that the head peep read many years ago and highly recommends.

  9. Mmmm you look like you you're really enjoying that! It's making me hungry...

  10. You certainly didn't lose Ducky. Lucky for you that Derby was snoozing.

  11. Don't tell anyone,Ducky, but sometimes I get some grilled chicken from my mom when nobody else does!

  12. That tower looks comfy. I never go out either. When TW lived in the big house, the guy upstairs spent the entire day and night letting cats in and out. He had 6 and they couldn’t make up their minds.

  13. Ducky doesn't know what he missed out on!

  14. We go out but on the Catio...The Baby goes exploring but only supervised. That's enough for us!

  15. I like your style Ducky! Why "save" a piece for some sleeping guy who'll never even know what he missed!

    I get nervous if the Human picks me up and even walks anywhere near the front door. I'm kind of a coward, to tell you the truth.


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