Thursday, July 24, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger and Glimmer. 

Holy Major Renovation!

 This is what it looked liked between our yard and next door. Ratty bushes, icky grass, lava rocks covering the ground. Mum has been wanting to get rid of this and just put in plain old grass. Easier to mow than to try to keep the weeds out.
 So this neighbor is our good elf guy named Chuck. He will offer to help and do stuff, comes over in the winter with his big snow blowy thing. He has taken limbs off of trees and such too.

Seems his kid, Nick, who looks just like his Dad has a cat that can get rid of this stuff. A BobCat!
Sheesh, look at that cat go!
 Gulping and grabbing all of the plants, big bites by big bites and putting them on the trailer.
 It was up close and purrsonal, right up to the fence to the back yard.
 All gone and mum is working to get the last bits, bobs, rocks and roots out each evening. Then with the neighbors help get some new dirt and work in a swale to carry rain water away from the houses!
 Then they went over and ripped out two small tress for the neighbors
Wowwza, that is all for us for this week.

Love Virginger and Glimmer


  1. That made for a lot of noisy excitement in the garden! It's going to look great when your lawn and the neighbor's meet smoothly.

  2. Cool Bobcat! We made need one of those things if we ever break up the old concrete in the backyard. Patty O'Malley would just sit there and watch, while Mama Mia would run for cover.

  3. That's a lot of work! It's nice to have neighbors who help, too. Can't wait for another update!

  4. v & g...veree nice naybors N way awesum ta offer ta help like they did !! glad ewe guys dinna have ta due any werk ♥♥♥ enjoy yur week ☺

  5. That was a lot of work going on there. You neighbour is very helpful.

  6. Fabulous neighbours and fabulous outcome. Well done one and all.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Wow! That was one hungry bobcat!

  8. We have a great neighborhood where neighbors help neighbors too!


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