Monday, July 7, 2014

ManCat Monday

There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast. 

Oh yeah, that is why mum puts out crunchies before she goes to sleep. That way we don't wake her up quite so early!

 So this is us yesterday evening. Just watching the happenings through the big windows that go to the floor. Sqwerls, chippies, mousies, even a few fevvers have happened right outside. That really gets our attention.

 This is a baby robin who was sitting on the outside frame of the big windows that go to the floor. Then flew up to sit on the beast grilling machine.
 The he flew to the crabby apple tree and mum went outside to get a close up picture.
 Here is the mousie by the leaves, and mum got a closer picture from inside. He was walking all wobbly, so mum thinks it was sick.

 Mum even wnet outside and was standing just a few feet from it and it didn't move or run away. She didn't want it to die close to the house, so she scooped it on to a shovel and carried it out by the garden to die in peace.
 Mum taking our picture from outside, you can see us and you can see mum too!

We had a quiet and safe rest of the weekend. Mum did go out to do shopping, even bringing foods home for us! That is the most important thing she got. The non-official boomies haven't been too bad. Mum keeps the picture box on, that distracts us, the fans are running and at least on Sunday with windows were closed since the cold air blower thingy was running.

Mum is bummed that she has to head back to day hunting and having to work a whole week! Poor her, she needs to become a cat or a kept woman! HAHAHAHA.


  1. Being a cat sure is the good life isn't it (for those of us lucky to have great homes!)?

    We had a lot of excitement yesterday when a blue tit flew into the study as #1 was putting food out for the squirrels. It then banged into something and fell over, stunned. So #1 was able to scoop it up and put it on the ledge. She is happy that it seemed to recover and flew off.

    The Chans

  2. But if you mum became a cat, then the three of you would need to find another mum just as good as her to take care of you!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. We love your big screen tv you guys! Poor little mousie. Hope he didn't suffer to much.

  4. You have a lot of fun stuff to watch!

    Stoopy boomies were still going off last night here. How dumb!

  5. Your bird tv is much more interesting than ours is.

  6. doodz !!! good thing ya dinna try N make a snax outta de mouz then, if him bee sick, ewe wooda getted it two....ugh...

    noe commint on de rood noizee stoooooooopid caca droppin bug infested burd ...tho we iz happee ya getted sum vizshuz squirrelz on de tee N vee !!

  7. I luv watchin stuff out da window too!

  8. You get lots of good programmes on your TV. The robin looks a lot different to the British robins.

  9. I commend your mom for carrying that mousie away; I've done the same thing with a bird. That baby robin is very cute!

  10. We agree with the others....great critter tv!

  11. That's some great TV watching! When we have something that close to the glass we get all excited and rush the window.

  12. You guys had a pretty good show to watch.

  13. You guys have the best TV ever! Fevvers flutter around in our yard but no one ever comes that close. Were you making chirping sounds at it? Or were you extra quiet so it would stay a while?


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