Saturday, October 11, 2014


Hi all, we are trying to get mum going but she says she has no ambition, whatever that is. We don't see a box around here labeled that way.

Bright and sunny, but noisy. The naybors are getting a new roof, so guys climbing on the house and pounding away. Mum says by the looks of things they are about done.
 Here are our poses from this AM, we have been taking turns in the front window with the sun.
Here are some pictures of trees that aren't ours that are pretty with colored leaves. She sees these when she drives to day hunt.
 This one is about 3 streets away, the sun wasn't even high enuf to have it all in the sun, and that white dot to the left of the tree is Mr Moon. He shows up in several of the pictures.
 Just where mum turns on the highway and the car shadow is her car
 Getting closer to the day hunt place, mum says this one looked nicer a few days ago.
 Getting closer to the day hunt place, this one too mum said was nicer a few days ago, plus this place had sheeps this summer
 Just down the road from mum's day hunt place. The grass was all frosty out there, but we haven't had frosting anywhere but on the house roofs so far.
We hope everyone has a good week. We are going to purr on mum and help her find ambition.


  1. The trees look pretty but that frosty grass looks cold.

  2. I think your mum can be left without ambition for a little while. Everyone should take some 'down time' and just be a bit lazy every now and then.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. That tree is gorgeous! Our trees are just starting to turn here in Oklahoma. Our Mommy loves to see fall foliage.

    Happy Caturday, kittehz!

  4. Those trees are really pretty. Hope your mum had enough ambition to feed you two today. :)

  5. Mommy says she misees nice crisp Fall mornings...winter, not so much!

  6. Beautiful tree & it was nice to see Mr. Moon too. Our trees in the Pacific NW are still green or faded yellow. They seem to have lost their ambition too. By now they should have turned pretty colors & be getting ready to fall on the ground. No real surprise since we had the extra hots all summer & it was 93 on Wednesday. But today we have the cools & sunshine, so our mom is not wilted. Our Canada geese have not flow in from B.C. and they usually fly in the 1st week of Sept. If you see any geese could you tell them to hurry down for their winter vacation - we miss them & their honking a lot. Maybe they can bring fall with them when they come. Thank your mom for taking us on a ride to her day hunting place. You guys have a great Caturday.

  7. The trees down Chicago way are absolutely beautiful this fall. Of course Wisconsin is known for theirs.


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