Monday, October 6, 2014

ManCat Monday

I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in a human being is not the ability to produce food which they take for granted--but his or her entertainment value. - Geoffrey Household

Oh yeah, mum can be entertaining. We sometimes watch her outside doing stuff, we be laffin' and laffin' inside! She forgets to do stuff, like put the lid back on top the of fevver food can. Then wonders if the racoons got in it.

Our local zoo has baby jag-u-ars, Here are a couple of pictures mum took of the web cam. Just the two babies and then mum. She watches sometimes, but not often since she has us to watch.

We had an icky Caturday, but at least we had sun during the early part of Sunday. We soaked up the rays while we could. At this time of year the sun feels good. Even mum sat outside for a bit and just soaked up the rays.

So you think I am talking to Virginger here, well I am,
 but......Gotta check mum's shoes out....just a little ripe.
 Derby was hanging out there with V in one of the little beds. I like to hang out in that bed too, as it is nice and secluded.
 Is he still there? Yep, guess I gotta go find someplace else to hang out.
Feetsball Report

The Pack - played last Thursday night and beat down the ViQueens. ARodg looked good, threw his 200th TD pass. They were ahead enuf that they didn't even play him the Q4. Which means they had today off.

The Broncos - They won beaten the previously unbeaten Cardinals. Mr Peyton passed for his 500th TD! He is the second guy to to this, Grampa Brett was the first and threw 508. So Peyton may get the record in a game to two.

So happy week all.


  1. Grandpa Brett holds the TD record? Wowza. Please tell us more.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. The baby jaguars are really SQUIEEEEE cute say´s my mom-person :)


  3. Those baby jaguars are cute. I bet Virginger likes the company when Derby is in the bed next to her.

  4. wee kittehz bee price less !!! itz way kewl yur mom can watch em...grow up on videe oh....♥

    N all most...all most... dinna make it thiz week......phew

    ND 17
    Stanford 14

  5. The baby jaguars are adorable! We didn't know that any zoos had baby big cats this time of year. What fun to be able to watch from home.

  6. Thise little babies sure are cute!

  7. At first I thought that first one was a giant coiled up snake! I'm glad I was wrong about that!

  8. Those baby jaguars are very cute.

  9. We have the kibble toss at dinner, the wand toys in the afternoon., and some toy mousie tossing at random times here.

  10. Awww.....the baby Jaguar is adorable!!!
    We try to stay far away from Mom and Dad's shoes!

    The Florida Furkids


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