Monday, October 13, 2014

ManCat Monday

A meow massages the heart. - Stuart McMillan

We had a marrvvy weekend. Bright sunshine so lots of sun puddles to nap in. Enuf warms outside that mum could open the windows a bit too.

Next Monday it will be Derby's purrthday, so please stop by for a good time.
 Nice Sunday AM in the front window in the sun. 
 Co-napping on the leopard pillow in the afternoon.
 Ducky getting the pillow all on his own, go away with the flashy box so I can nap!
 Mum sitting outside on Caturday afternoon soaking up some sun too. She did find enuf ambition on Caturday to mow the lawn, that was it. Sunday she got the laundry done. Otherwise, napping and reading for the rest of the days. Oh and watching Packer feetsball. Minimal cooking too, just heating things up. Said she needed a quieter weekend for a change.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Rescued victory from the jaws of defeet from the Fish in Miami! With seconds remaining, they faked a play spiking the ball to then throw it and get out of bounds, then ARodg threw a TD pass. The Fish then tried a razzle-dazzle play tossing it from player to player to player, until somebody dropped it and then the game was over!

The Broncos - The Broncos went to the Big Apple and beat the Jets. Mr Peyton is still behind Grampa Brett in career TD's but getting closer.They play next Sunday night, so maybe we can see him either tie or break the record.

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. It looks like you all had a very nice fall weekend!

  2. It looks like the best kind of weekend, with lots and lots of naps!

  3. That sounds like a purrfect weekend. We're looking forward to Derby's birthday too.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. What a wonderful weekend -relaxing and full of glowing ginger furs. Who needs ambition?

  5. We love the co-napping pillow picture!

  6. I heard the peeps sayin' somethin' about mowin' the lawn once more, this year. More supervisin' for me to do, I suppose. And there will be the supervisin' of the rakin' of the leaves, too. A kitty's work is never done. *sighs*


  7. What a game that was! Yes, can get our beloved Packer's games here in Arid-zone.

  8. That sounds like a purrfect weekend to us!

    We are finally starting to poke our heads up just a little after our long funk. We missed efurryone while we was sulking and feeling sorry for
    ourselves, ha ha meow!

    The stoopy SANTA CLARA 49ers play the Big Sheep from St. Louis this evening--BUT right now our Giants are tied 1-1 in the NLCS with the loathesome St. Louis Big Red Birds. We'd much rather see the Niners lose to the Sheep than the Giants to the Big Birds!

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  10. Glad y'all got some sunshine - it wuz dreary down here.

  11. doodz....glad ta heer ya had a grate week oh end N ewe can bet we will be bye next monday !!

    feetsball ree port from TT

    Notre Dame

    UNDEFEATED, we dont care bout de rest !!! ♥

  12. Ah, autumn sun. Is there anything better? Maybe spring sun, no, winter sun... or perhaps just SUN! Purrs....

  13. I think your co-napping is great. Not even glued-at-the-hip Ivan and Izzy do that.

  14. The GB game was AMAZING! ~The Mommy

    How nice that you are having nice fall weathers, and that your Mum was lazy along with you!

  15. We're glad your mom took some time to be lazy. :)

  16. Ahhhh, it's great when it's a lazy, slow unhurried day!

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  18. That co-napping looks specially good! We dont do that very much annymore.


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