Thursday, October 9, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Viringer and Glimmer.

While it was all cool over the weekend, we have had another stretch of good days. Sunny and warmish for this time of year. We will take them.

 On Caturday our little tree in the front looked like this, leaves dropping but still leaves on the tree.
Wednesday, yesterday, mum took another picture, most of the leaves are off and we can now clearly see what mum thinks is a sqwerl nest. That would be the dark blog just to the left of the center of the picture.

 Pictures of the trees in the back, one turning yellow and mum says it too is starting to drop leaves.
 Then this is the little maple in the back, it was planted too close to the other one, so isn't growing well at all. Has dead branches and very few leaves this year. So next spring before they come to pick up the brush in the spring, she will take it down.

We snoozed through the eclipse last night. What is the big deal about a shadow? We see them all time.

See you next week. Love Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. very very soon you'll have all pretty colors.

    emma and buster

  2. I like all of Falls colours. It looks like you have a fury nice yard to look at.

  3. Lovely colours. Pity about the unhealthy tree, but it's probably for the best that your mum cuts it down.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Such pretty colors! It's a shame you have a tree that isn't doing well, but Megan is right. It's better for you to take it down before it comes down in a storm because it isn't strong.

  5. V & G.....a happeee thurzday two ewe both N yep....that be a squirrelz nest all rite...a VIZSHUZ squirrelz nest...knot that de nest iz squirrelz iz..

    leeves iz ternin heer two; but de best mews...BURDS BE HEADED SOUTH !!!!!!!

    happee week a head ♥

  6. The Fall colours are looking pretty. I don't think we could see the eclipse here so I snoozed anyway.

  7. We only have a very few trees that have turned so far but we're keeping an eye out. Can you believe my mom got up for the eclipse (she said something woke her anyway--I can't imagine what she meant). Unfortunately it was cloudy, so she went back to bed. We really didn't care.

  8. Yep Fall is coming here too, but we are not too crazy about the Brrrr Humbug season coming. Thanks for the nice thought for Zoe, we sure appreciate them.

  9. Mom misses the fall colors.

    The Florida Furkids

  10. We loved seein the Skwerl nest in the small tree. I bet even *I* could climb THAT high! ~ MARLEY

  11. We have fall over here too now.
    Me too LOVE the fall colors.

  12. We love your pretty leaf colors. Our leaves haven't dropped yet but any day now! Purrs...


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