Thursday, November 6, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Viringer and Glimmer.

Well the outside season is coming to an end. Mum has done good getting the chores done outside. The garden cut down and hauled to the compost place. The leaves are piled up in the street waiting for the guys to haul them away. Mum just needs to mow the lawn, one last time!
Here is the piles and piles of leaves from the yard. They have yet to come by this year to pick any of it up. They came yesterday and hauled all of this away. Mum is so happy they are gone. Now they can't blow back into the yard. 
Our big tree, finally bare! This is about as early the leaves are all down that mum amembers.
 Mum says we can come inside the metal monster room now. Since it is cold out she wants us to be all nice and snugglely. Both of us are pretty hardy, so no issues with the cold or snow when it comes. But it is nice to be inside.

Love Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. People actually come by and haul off your piles of leaves? The head peep says that where she grew up, she had to bag them to have them taken away. That sounds like a great service!

  2. Glad that you've come inside out of the cold.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. No leaf hauling around here. That's really neat that your city does that! Our dad mulches them up with the mower, and he's at it a lot! But most of the leaves are down here too now!

  4. Inside is best especially when the weather turns cold.

  5. V & leef dood stopped by R place just thiz twooz day.... we will miss see in de chippy that wuz squirrelin round de pile tho.....

    KNOT !!! { if him still be in de pile when they picked em up heez on a journee for sure !! }


  6. Glad you are both in the warm now for the winter.
    We haven't had many leaves fall yet but when they do, mum bags them up for 12 months and then uses them for mulch.

  7. I see bird homes in that big tree!

  8. Thats a LOT of leafs! TBT just mows ours into the lawn. Its amazin how they disappear after a few passes.


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