Monday, November 24, 2014

ManCat Monday

You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals. - George Mikes

Yeah, we like having mum around. We gets our foods, loves, a warm place to live, toys, treats and everything else.

Mum made some peanut brittle on Caturday. Which allowed me, Derby, to get a few licks of butter from the pan. Mum does her best to keep me away but I did sneak few licks!
 One batch done! She made three this weekend and by next weekend she will have given it all away!
Mum also did lots of work on her blankie, we both took turns snoopervisiing her work. She did most of this while she watched feetsball this weekend.
 Yes mum keep working, you want to get this done soon, it is going to be sent to a purrson who needs to be wrapped in love.

 Furry funny mum, I am not your yarn holder. Plus that tickles when you pull it across my head! Plus this is hard work! Gotta rest sometimes, snoopervising is hard work!
Feetsball Report

The Pack -  The beat the ViQueens. They didn't score lots, but they scored more than the other guys. That is all that counts. Next Sunday they play Millie's team, the guys named Pat.

The Broncos - Got off to a slow start but beat the Miami fish team. Peyton threw some more touchdowns.

Happy Week. Mum is happy it is a short day hunting week. Then we get a Thankful for Turkey Day.


  1. I bet everyone who gets that peanut brittle will be very, very happy - my human says it looks yummy! I think I'd stick with the butter, though.

  2. But how many of the people getting peanut brittle will know that it had the official cat lick of approval? Outstanding snoopervising work - don't let up on your mum, will you? Keep her at it.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Butter and a blankie sure sounds good to me!

  4. And the best part of that pretty blankie will be your furs!

  5. We would totally lick that butter!
    That blankie looks so nice and the recipient will surely love it with all those kitty smells and furs :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Snoopervising humans is hard work! Looks like a job well done!

  7. That peanut brittle would not have come out nearly as well without your assistance.

  8. doodz...way awesum oh ewe both ta helpz mum with de blankit !!! itz gonna make a rockin awesum gift...

    de feetzball ree port heer haz ended til next fall....even if de feetz ball iz still playin


  9. Your Mom does well to make the blankie while she watches feetsball. That is known as multitasking.

    Golly, my Mom says that Peanut Brittle looks so good, but not good for cats with all the sugar. (however a little butter lick is a-ok).

  10. I think you boys need extra treats for all that hard work!

  11. Your mum was pretty busy this weekend...and so were you guys snoopervising. The mom says that peanut brittle looks nommy.

  12. We would love a butter an steak fat treat! Annyones Beins make those?

  13. Your blankie continues to wrap our mom in love and we love it sit with her on it. Our boy is still very sick.


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