Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Mum is chilling as best she can, but she did go out to eat on Turkey Day. Same furiends house as last couple of years but this year she didn't stay overnight.They had lots of people, more than normal, including three little sticky people. Mum says she has forgotten how shrill little kids are!


Four ducks done to purrfection, crispy skin, juicy meats. Mum says there was nothing left of the four duckies to bring home to us! Plus one guy went into food coma!

Friday a guy came to check out the heaty monster in the dungeon, when he was done, it actually started to get colder. The guy forgot to flip a switch back on, so he came back and made sure we could be all warm and toasty.

Mum did do some shopping, the last of the stuff we needed for our Secret Paw, foods for us, stuff on line for mum and then for her grand niece and nephew. Mum said she is done shopping with the exception of foods, for the rest of the year.

Mum says she has to get more stuff done today, like cooking stuff of soup so she has stuff to eat at home and day hunting. First she has to get her head fur cut and pick up some foods at the store.

We have just been hanging out, mum stayed up way late on Turkey night. Just goofing off on the puter. Which deprived me, Ducky, of my hours of sleeping on her overnight. I kept head butting her to wake her up more so we could snuggle too. She wasn't that happy about that!

Have a great rest of the weekend.


  1. Looks like you still have lots of snow.
    Stay warm and maybe Mom will cuddle with you all of tomorrow.

    Pee Ess - those ducks look wonderful!

  2. No duck for y'all? Dat ain't fair!

  3. Those ducks look very delicious. Little sticky kids scare me.

  4. MOWZERS mommy laffed at the "sticky people" comment!!!

  5. Those ducks look pretty tasty. Too bad you guys didn't get any.

  6. Oh, that's terrible that there was no duck left to bring home to you kitties! We are so lucky my human remembered to save turkey for us from the Thanksgiving dinner she attended.

  7. We've never had duck...were they wild or farm raised?

  8. Human kittens are much more trouble than real kittens. Ducky got no duckie? A major oversight!


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