Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Mr Hawk paid us a visit on Sunday. Looking for a smaller fevver for lunch. At least what we saw he didn't get a fevver.

You may want to biggify these (clicky on the picture), the first few the hawk is facing away, then he turns and viola, you can barely see him.

Now You See Him.

 Now You Don't!

 Then a woofie came by and skeered him away. Off to find his lunch somewhere else.


  1. You gotta watch out for those evil hawks!

  2. Wow - it's all happening on your critter TV channel, isn't it?

    Sydney, Australia

  3. They come around here too sometimes. I'm glad I'm an indoor kitty!

  4. Those hawks are vishus! He is a master of camouflage too. Very dangerous, indeed!

  5. Sometimes, I see hawks sitting on the telephone wires along the roads farther north, and I always want to pull over to take a photo! Of course, I do NOT WANT hawks in my yard, for they would be looking at my kitties or the squirrels or the bunnies...shiver!

  6. Kinda slim pickings for him now, I would think!

  7. D & D !!!! high paws two de nay bor dawg....rockin on dood, ewe bee welcome in TT any time...az for de bass terd hawk....yea....we saw ya, rite ther in de middle oh de tree de hole time


    de jack azz hawk round heer is sew stooooooopid, him wuz eatin rabbit skin....de carcass bee long gone....noe BS !!

  8. Wow, looks like he was a big one too! Stay safe indoors! Purrs...


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