Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Voted

Don't forgets to go sign up for Secret Paws for this year. Deadline is this Caturday!

Well mum voted yesterday. Which means all of the stupid ads on the moving picture box are gone until the next 'lection. Mum didn't get many phone calls this year cuz she has a new set up with robocalls. Rings once, they are gone. Only got one that said to vote like a Christian. Huh? Your version of Christian or ours?

Maybe I can talk Chey into another run for the White House! What do you think gang?

The Cat World Domination Party!


  1. We definitely need more kitties holding public office!

  2. We are glad the robocalls and mailers and door-to-door "get out an vote...for us" people are done too. I voted, and the hubby voted. Haven't seen the results yet.

  3. doodz.....we dunno bout de food serviss gurl but we voted for smoke N joe.....♥

  4. There should be more cats in office. A catnip mouse in every bed!

  5. No calls today and no more junk mail. We missed the peace and quiet!

  6. The mom says she's glad the election is over so she doesn't hafta see all those political ads anymore.


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