Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday This and That

Hey gang, sitting by the front window and hearing ceiling cat bowling. No bright flashies in the sky, just rumbling.
 Mum getting a nice pic of me sitting and watching her on the puter. Working on this post for me, get going lady, we haven't got all night for this you know.
 Sheesh, she is so distracted by stuff I am dozing off. The stupid baseball team is yucky, they is losing, so just ignore the stoopid stick and ball game.
Hey, one of our super duper furiends is not doing well. Billy Sweetfeets, just another super orinch cat, is having breathing problems and has a wonky eye that might have to come out. He has always been challenged with health issues, but they are getting worse.

Derby was one of Billy's hero's, Derby taught him to use velcro boots to walk on the ceiling and how to drink adult cat beverages. That happened one night and the results were hilarryus! The drunker Billy got, the better he talked! Now that was a switch.

So mum is checking the green paper situation here so we hopefully can send a little something along to help his mum out. Iffin you can help out, clicky here and do what you can. If nothing else, send lots of healing and comforting purrs.


  1. You look cute sitting by the window, Ducky. We're purring like crazy for Billy and want him to be well.

  2. Paws crossed no really loud noises or flashes for you! Purring lots for Billy.

  3. Terrific pics of you today Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I am purring for Billy.
    That is a great spot you have in the window Ducky.

  5. You know how to crack the whip, Ducky!

  6. Ducky, hope the storm wasn't too bad! Sending purrs to Billy.

  7. dood......we got st francis sendin hiz blessings two billy and while we due knot noe
    him, we haz de purrayerz motor revved ta high for him....we troo lee hope he getz well & stays well ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  8. We's sposed to have some of dem storms, but dey ain't really showed up yet.


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