Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hey, today is the last day to sign up for Secret Paws for this year. I had to bug mum and she sent my info in last night. Sorry no earlier notice, my typist isn't paying attention to my requests.

Back to reality around here. We had super nice days from Sunday through Thursday, sunny, way above average temps. The it rained and got windy on Thursday night and now it is much cooler. Mum is happy, the wind brought down lots of leaves.

 Just sitting here for now watching mum. She says she needs to get out and get the last of the plants cut down and hauled off. Then just leaves and grass to take care of, which means the blower and the mower get used.
 Plus I had a scare! An empty food box! Never fear, mum had another bag ready and waiting!
Happy weekend all.


  1. An empty food box would scare me too! I am not taking part in Secret Paws this year because I have lots of toys and only play with the same ones. Mum is sad because she used to enjoy getting a package ready to send.

  2. We're taking part too ! It's so exciting, can't wait to know for whom we're going to be Secret Paws ! Purrs

  3. That empty bin was a pretty frightening sight!

  4. Thank cod your mum had more food for you.

  5. An empty food box?? Dat are scary!

  6. I think your mum was just playing a trick on you Ducky for nagging her about getting you listed for Secret Paws. Still, it seems that she needed to be told, so I don't think you should feel any embarrassment.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Dang did we miss that? We might have got confused with the card exchange. But if a day late is OK, count us in...

    Mark's Mews

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