Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bizzy Thursday

I got a mum day today. We had nice early snuggles, leisurely brekkie together. Then she did some in house chores. Got the Christmouse labels printed, the cards brought out, the stuff wrapped for my Secret Paw pals done.

Then she went out to have lunch with a furiend, who has a new calico kittie! A feral that was hanging around and they finally coaxed inside as of Monday. Lots of fleas and going to the vet tomorrow.

Then mum came home, finished reading her book. Then off to the station with the Secret Paw package and then to the library. 
 Little package, all set to go, with the exeption of who it goes to. Could it be you?
 Mum also fed the fevvers and found a dead chickadee in the yard. Poor guy, but Trout Towne will be happy to see a deaded burd!
 This is what our back yard looks like. No snow, grass still sort of green. This was taken about 3 PM today. Warm today, in the 50's, but super windy. Still mum went outside without a jacket on.
Here is the sky, no icky white stuff in the forecast either. I think Friday is supposed to be OK too and I also will have another mum day. Woohoo.


  1. Mum days are always good! I hope the snow stays away and makes a shorter winter.

  2. It's always nice when you get extra days with your human! Your yard is still looking like a lawn. We are always amazed to be reminded that peoples lawns actually go away in the winter in other places.

  3. How fun that you get a couple of mum days. We need to get going on our Secret Paws!

  4. Mum days are the best! Our mum wrapped our Secret Paw presents too but first time ever she forgot to take a picture of them for the blog!

  5. How cool that you got some quality time with your human! It certainly is warm this season for your area right now - we are not that much warmer this weekend!

  6. dood....frank lee...we due knot like lookin at burdz in any kinda way ~~~~

    de food serviss gurl sayz her iz sorree for him....

    we say .........faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    hay, heerz two a wolf herring kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥

  7. Yay for Mum days!

    Sydney, Australia


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