Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday This and That

I hissed at mum tonight! I don't think I have every hissed at her before. Why did I hiss? Well, she got her big, fat foot on top of my paw!

She was getting ready to put some gooshy foods down for me and I was trying to beat her to the spot. Yep, my paw and her foot got into the same place. Her fault, she should know and watch out for me better!

I am fine, no problems. I am now sitting behind her on the couch, using my paws to push at her neck, like this.
Pushing hard, so much so I am moving her head. She has to work to keep her head in a good position. I can mess with your head honey!


  1. You must not be too mad at your mom, Ducky, if you are giving her a neck massage. Glad your paw is okay.

  2. We're glad your paw is okay. We're sure your Mom felt worse than you did!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We know she didn't mean to step on your paw, Ducky. Did she give you some extra foods to make up for it?

  4. I get in front of TBT a lot when he is putting food down, doing other things, walking down the hallway, preparing his food. HE says I am in his way. *I* say I am just being close to the bein I love. ~ IZA

  5. My human has stepped on Binga's paw a couple of times because Binga is really bad about getting under foot! Binga just screeches, she never hisses though, and my human always feels bad.

  6. We know how you feel Ducky.
    That happens here and it's mostly to JJ ;)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. I am glad your paw is okay Ducky. My mum has stepped on my tail several times and I scream and hiss at her. It only takes me 5 minutes to forgive her though.

  8. Entirely her fault, Ducky: the one with the bigger feet has the responsibility to look out for the one with the littler feet I say.

    It was very good of you to follow up with a neck massage, though, just to let her know that there were no hard feelings.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. dood....soak it for all itz werth...ore sum thin like that..
    like guilt trip yur mom bout steppin on yur toez til her buys
    ewe a new cat tree; outta feelin bad N stuff like that ther ~~~

  10. Poor Ducky. I have a mom with clown feet, too, only she usually gets my tailio.

  11. Sorry to hear your paw & mom's foot tried to take up the same space, but were glad your paw is OK. Hard to believe you went all these years without ever hissing at your mom. We have hissed plenty at er up & nearly kill her. Humans can be such drama queens. It is a little passive-aggressive to be pushing so hard on your mom's neck, but even a mostly sweet orinch mancat can have a bit of bad boy in them. You are a silly kitty Ducky.


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