Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday This and That

Wow, made it to December. The month when all of the cold and white stuff comes. But so far it is warm and rainy!

I have to get mum going on my Secret Paw assignment. Have been reading what they asked for and then looking at their blog. Figuring out what will be good to get for them, then send mum shopping.

As you can see from the moovie, I do want to mess with the little sparkley tree. Not a lot, but enuf that mum was giving me a hard time about leaving it alone. Then she started to toss toys at me to distract me.

Hey, you know you leave to go day hunting, I have lots of time to mess with the tree while you are not here. I even knocked it over yesterday! She still has it out for now.


  1. I don't blame you for not being able to keep your paws (or mostly teeth) off that tree, Ducky! Your human getting out toys in an attempt to distract you is a bonus.

  2. But why would you want to eat it, Ducky? I bet it doesn't even smell particularly good!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Ducky, Derby would be so proud of you following in his pawsteps by messing with the sparkly tree. All those flashy lights & branches that are good for itching your cute bubble cheeks is pretty hard to resist. You need to tell mom that cat's are experts at mischief & you are only doing what comes naturally. We wouldn't be surprised if the little sparkly tree ends up on the mantel & out of your reach. Please don't nom the tree or you will end up horking it up. Although whatever comes up will look pretty festive with all that glitter & sparkly stuff in it. This would not be a good way to contribute to the decorating of the house.

  4. dood....we N joyed yur videe oh & gived it 984 paws up.... even if mum waz tossin stuff at cha..... just sew ya dinna eat de tree..... even if it iz burd free ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. The tree is too tempting the way it keeps sparkling at you.

  6. Ducky, I hope your mum didn't have to take away the Catmas tree!


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