Saturday, December 12, 2015


HiYa, Ducky here. Quiet morning so far. Mum has been slow getting going, taking advantage of extra sleep time. We cats know all about the importance of sleeps.

Not much planned for the day. Mum wants to watch the moovie she brought home from the library. About racy cars and RUSHing around. Hope she likes it.
Me, I am going to take it easy as well. Not much going on, so nothing special to snoopervise.

Have an awesome weekend gang.


  1. We hope you're having a great Caturday, Ducky.

  2. That sounds like a purrfect Caturday to us!

  3. Well, perhaps you could snuggle up to your mum while she watches that movie? That would make it a top weekend.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I was at a cat show all day, so I pretty much missed Caturday... or maybe my day was all about Caturday?

  5. That sounds like a purrfect day. Purrs

  6. We think a day without much goin' on is just about perfect. We wish we could have a laid back day like yours, but we hafta snoopervise our Mom's Chrisymous cookie baking. We may no like to nom on cookies, but the house smells good & it is nice & warm since the hot as hell boxi is on. Mom says she is gonna cook a live deaded chick-hen for dinner later on. Mom always feeds us tasty bites of chick-hen 'cuz she knows we LOVE CHICK-HEN! Enjoy your day off from snoopervising Ducky.

  7. A peaceful weekend is the best kind of weekend, Ducky!


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