Monday, November 21, 2016

ManCat Monday

A cat pours his body on the floor like water. It is restful just to see him.  - William Lyon Phelps

Mum says to look at me is always restful. I make her relax and smile. Plus I like to sit in her lap and make her sit.
 Mum did work outside in the yard yesterday. Finally it got super cold and the leaves finally fell off the one last tree. Mum still needs to mow the grass one last time. That she wants to do today. The weather is going to get icky just before Turkey Day.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - played the Washington Sunburns. Mum says they continue to not look sharp or that they have their act together. They looked a little better tonight, but still losted. Doesn't help that the players keep getting hurt.

The Broncos - had the weekend off.


  1. I'm so glad I'm a therapy cat and I can makes lots of people relax and smile!

  2. We find it helpful to sit on Mom to keep her from doing too much too.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Was raining all weekend here, so kitties and humans cuddled up and watched a marathon of Harry Potter on the tube.

    Emma and Buster

  4. We are doing the same. Try to make our mommy feel nice and comfy sometimes. It was so cold and windy yesterday. The best weather to relax together:)

  5. Good for your Mom to finish up her yard work before T-Day. Our weather isn't going to allow our Mom to do that and she's a little grumpy because of it. Maybe she needs more coffee and a raincoat! MOL!

  6. Making humans smile is part of the job description of being a cat, isn't it?

  7. Wonderful that you and you mum can sit and relax together Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. It is nice to sit with your mum so you both relax, Ducky.

  9. last oh de leevez bee gone heer two.....on caturday witha feerce
    wind......N we iz knot even gonna talk bout notre shame thiz yeer ....knot....
    even ~~~~~~~~

  10. It's no wonder why you make your mum relaxed and smiling, Ducky!

    We're having a thunderstorm right now. It's supposed to get better as the week progresses. We can always use the rain, but we could do without the noise!

  11. Our mom bean says the same thing Ducky. She can feel her blood pressure drop when we convince her to sit.

    Brrr...we don't want winter! Stay warm.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Your mum is lucky to have you, Ducky.

  13. Ha Ha, fer once we got yer feetball guys. And yer northern Viking neighbors too. We RULE. Until Thursday when Dallas will suffer, Um, kill us.

  14. Hmm.. Mom neglected the leaves outside to cook for the big day. My pals, the guys named Pat, won this week, so we're good here.


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