Monday, November 7, 2016

ManCat Monday

A sleeping cat is ever alert.  - Fred Schwab

Yeah mum, I hear the little noise from your phone thing taking pictures, disturbing my nap!

 Mum left me alone on Caturday night. She went to an awards dinner for her racy group. Since it was farther away she went with some furiends and then stay at their house overnight. So she got a pick of me when she got home. Just soaking up the sun.
 Plus her whole group got the worker of the year award, well really workers. They got it cuz they is so good at what they do and they are a friendly bunch too.

 Feetsball Report

The Pack - They stunk up Lambeau Field on Sunday. Mum says it is getting to the point she doesn't really want to watch them. So she may have the moving picture box on, but then she was reading the paper and looking at the ad for the week.

The Broncos - were playing Sunday night. Mum was planning to go to bed before the game ended.

Plus the stoopid 'lection stuff with stop this week. Mum will go a vote on Tuesday, then she says she plans to stay up late to see what happens.

Happy week everyone!


  1. It sounds like your human had a really nice outing!

  2. Ducky, mes am surprised yous allowed your mom to take all those photos. The Mom was taking photos of mes the other day in my warm bed, and mes gotted up and walked away, MOL!

  3. It looks like your mom had great time ! Purrs

  4. Can't seem to get away from the camera, can we? Moms... they can be annoying but we still love them anyway, right, Ducky?

  5. Concats to your mum's group for getting that award. Even when we sleep, we always know when the flashy box comes out.

  6. The stoopid leciton stuff might stop, but then you'll have the stoopid post-lection stuff!

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Aww, I doubt she was trying to wake you up! You looked adorable, she wanted to capture the moment! :)
    And congrats to your mom!! That is an amazing award to receive!
    Best of luck to you two, thank for for posting!


  8. So, did you do any redecorating while your mum was away?


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