Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday This and That

HiYa Ducky here. A bit of a sad day around the world and the cat blogosphere. Sending our purrs to all those in Manchester who are dealing with the aftermath of another nasty purrson.

The Blogospher is also sad as we lost a leader of the cat world. Cheysuli, or Chey to her furiends, was a wonderful meezer who at one point ran for president. My brofur Derby was her running mate. Run free sweet Chey, we will miss you.

Mum was not happy with me early this morning. She was sleeping in the fevver watching chair and I just managed to test out gravity. Mum says she heard the noise of me pushing it, but it didn't register until she heard the crash. Nothing broke, fake flowers. Mum was just upset at being woken up, she didn't sleep well last night.
 Here I was on another day checking out the flowers a few weeks ago. Mum called me a bad kitty. She said she loves me, but that I was a bad kitty.

The kitty mum lunch. It was with Trish of the Katnip Lounge plus a couple of other ladies. They didn't take any new pics, these are from last year. They were in Whiskerconsin for a wedding on the weekend.

The weather is icky, me and mum just hanging out inside.


  1. Very sad day indeed. We're afraid that humans will ruin everything for all of us.

    We didn't know about Chey. Another sadness.

    And Ducky, you should know better than wake a sleeping mum!

  2. I think it's a good idea to test gravity every now and then and make sure that it's still working the way it should.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. We are sad about Chey. She was a big part of our lives fer many years.

  4. How fun that your human got to hang out with the Katnip Lounge human! We are sad about Chey along with everybody in the Cat Blogosphere.

  5. That lunch looks like a lot of fun ! Purrs


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