Saturday, September 16, 2017


It's about time mum turned on the puter today. She has been reading the newsy paper about a trial here. Catching up on all the details on it.

First I want to send out purrs to Allie and Raz and their mum. Their bean dad went off to heaven the other day. If you haven't sent them any comforting purrs, please stop by to do so. Thanks.
It continues to be nice here. Open windows and warm. Warm enuf that the cold air thingy kicked in yesterday afternoon. So mum closed the windows until it cooled off a bit and the sun went away. The sun is sure setting earlier and earlier these days. Getting up later too. As long as the middle of the day hours are fine, then we are happy.

Happy weekend all.


  1. It's gotten cooler here - so much so that my human almost wanted to turn on the heater this morning! She resisted, though, because she wants her body to toughen up a bit for winter, especially since we are hoping to do some traveling up north.

  2. It's getting cooler here too. Our heater turns on early morning and then stops, and turns on again in the evening. Purrs

  3. We've been having nice weather here, too...all the windows are opened and we love it.

  4. If the Island Cats have their windows open today they are insane lol. (we live about 30 min away from them). It is HOT here.....our windows are closed, it's in the 80s. catchatwithcarenandcody


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